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Sunbeam Oskar Jr. Chopper Plus

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One of the Best Small Choppers I Have Used Over The Years


One of my very first food processors was the Oskar Jr Chopper Plus. I was so excited to have my first kitchen helper when it came to chopping food. The little unit has a round base with a dark colored plastic container with a lid that locks into place on top. The blades are a combo of plastic and steel. The cord was decently long so I could use it near my prep table. I used to get quite a bit of really great chopping help with this little guy. I used it a lot for herbs and garlic. I found that the Oskar Jr Chopper Plus was an excellent little tool for small jobs, but quickly moved on to bigger processors and my Oskar Jr Chopper got passed on to someone else. I rather wish I had kept it as it was nicer than the Cuisinart Mini Prep I got in the future. Power For the tiny little chopper that it is, it has great power. Safety Safe and solid, this little unit is a good one. Ease of Assembly Goes together easily and quickly. I love the way the lid locks down securely. Ease of Cleaning Cleanup is a snap- no corners to worry about food getting caught in. Durability After using it for quite a few years, it was going strong when I passed it on to someone who really needed one.


Podunk, NY


Poor design, poor performance, poor user experience.


I bought this appliance to grind flax seeds. It make a lovely cyclone of the seeds without cutting any of them so I put the seeds in a blender and got them as fine as they would go, then transferred them to the Oskar to the level of about 3/4 full. It finished them nicely once they were broken apart and providing there was a large quantity in the bowl. It's useless for smaller quantities. I had the same experience with cumin seeds, but there were so few (one teaspoon) that I didn't bother to finish them in the Oskar. I haven't tried any other foods yet, and may not considering the poor performance so far. Safety The lid has no safety, permitting the blade to fly up if it is not allowed to stop completely before the lid is removed. Ease of Assembly You cannot remove the bowl by holding it on the top. It has to be held at the bottom, and once the bowl is rotated free of the catch it must be pushed up from the bottom. It will not come loose when held by the bowl. It must be held by the ring during removal. Ease of Cleaning There is no way to clean the many corners and crevases, even with a toothbrush. Durability Unknown at this time, but probably very long considering it will get very little use.




Sunbeam Oskar Jr Chopper Plus works great


I really like my Sunbeam Oskar Jr. Chopper Plus and use it frequently in my kitchen. I use a lot of garlic in my cooking and find that it minces garlic better than I can by hand. It chops fast and well. It is easy to clean which is a big plus for me. I also use it to chop nuts, spices and anything else of small quantity. With that said, it needs to be said that this little wonder is only for very small quantites of food. When I first received this as a gift, I was not sure it would be useful because it was so small. I figured out that it was indeed very handy because when you have a little bit to chop, you really do not want to have to clean the bigger food processor or blender. So, I recommend the small size chopper as a useful tool in the kitchen.


Mountain City, TN


Sunbeam Oskar Jr. Chopper Plus

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