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Sunbeam Mwo 1.1cuft Digital Microwave Sunbeam 1.1 Cuft Digital Microwave

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I recently purchased this microwave. I really do like except for the inside plate. It never wants to stay in place so everytime you heat something up the plate doesn't stay in place. I was thinking about calling the company to see if maybe they are having a problem with this model. So other than that i really like everything else about it. I think i was just so used to my old microwave where you just set the warming plate inside. My new microwave has the plate the rotates will it is in use. This feature i do like because when you are heating something up or cooking something i think the rotation of the plates heats or cooks your food much better. Performance I rated this because of the issue i am having with the warming plate that comes with the microwave. Other than that i am pleased with the performance. Settings/Features Very pleased with all the settings & features. Very easy to use. I also like the variety of features it has on it. That way you are not guessing how long to set it for. Ease of Cleaning My sunbeam microwave is very easy to clean. I wipe it out with a warm cloth with a little bit of dawn dish soap and it cleans it great. I like using dawn because it cleans right through any grease splatter or hard to get spots. It also leaves it very clean & fresh. Ease of Use Very easy!! They have several settings on this microwave for different types of food which makes heating or cooking much easier. Durability So far it seems to be durable enough for my everyday use. Not to heavy & very easy to move. Design I am pleased with the design. I really like how the front is designed. I also like that you can just open the door without having to hit a button. My last one you had to hit a button & it was constantly sticking.



Sunbeam Mwo 1.1cuft Digital Microwave Sunbeam 1.1 Cuft Digital Microwave

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