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Sunbeam MixMaster Hand Mixer

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Had it forever; it never quits


I got the Sunbeam Mixmaster ages ago for a Christmas gift. It was inexpensive and it has lasted forever. In some ways I prefer a standing mixer, but this gadget is handy and durable and perfect for the basic baking or mixing tasks, like beating eggs, batter for cakes, cookies, etc. The attachments disconnect easily for quick cleaning and I've never had trouble with it losing strength or speed. I definitely recommend it. Mixing Performance Never problems here-it scrapes the sides well. Ease of Cleaning Attachments detach easily and you drop them in the dishwasher. Ease of Use Very simple. Design Simple and durable design. Durability Its been banged around for a long time with no changes in performance.

Fairfield, VA


Does everything I ask it to do.


Let me start by saying- like my blender, I don't often use a mixer. I bought the Sunbeam 2484 200 Watts Hand Mixer what feels like 100 years ago (but was much more likely 5 or so) because it was cheap. I am cheap. I can't see spending a lot on a hand mixer that I only use for the very occasional cake, pie, etc. So, I got the little Sunbeam number and I've never looked back. Hey, the sheer fact that its made it 5 years is a HUGE checkmark in my book. It's super easy to use, it's poweful enough to mix up the batter or whatever I'm trying to get it to mix and it's clean up is pretty easy. I just pop out the mixer doo-dads (that's a technical term, you know), rinse them under the faucet and toss them in the dishwasher. Voila, I'm done cleaning up. It's also small, so it's easy to store. I just remove the mixers and wrap the cord around the handle and stick it in a drawer to live until I need it again!

Greensboro, NC


I love my Sunbeam Mixmaster Hand Mixer!


I've had this mixer for about 8 years now - ever since I went off to college, and my mom bought it for me! We've had absolutely ZERO problems with it and I one-hundred-percent LOVE my mixer! My dreamboat mixer is the Kitchenaid Red hand-held mixer (just so it can match my beloved Kitchenaid blender :P), but I have absolutely NO complaints with this one! It has ALWAYS worked great, it's NEVER given us any problems and like I said, it's been over 8 years! We use this mixer at least once a week, and we've moved about 5 orf 6 times now. It's totally survived every move, every usage, and every abuse from our almost-2-year-old! (haha) I also really like its super-handy storage case and how there's the top part that allows you to store all of its different metal mixer parts. I love how it comes with the traditional pair of mixers, a pair of mixers for light-weight mixing (like when you wanna whip egg whites), and it also comes with a whisk component! We love this mixer - definitely recommend, esp. for the price :)

Idaho Falls, ID


My Mixmaster has really stood the test of time!


So far this Sunbeam Mixmaster Model 2486, has been my longest lasting hand mixer yet. I have burned up so many over the years, with my love of making Banana Breads and Peanut Butter cookies, the dough's are harder to mix than your average cake mix. This one I'm not sure how long I have had, but it has been many years since purchasing a hand mixer. Sure I have other mixers, for different quick mixing. This one has always been the ***ONE! *** I love baking and cooking, more so in the cooler temperatures. Although not too long ago I had a taste for Banana Bread, it was a cool day in the summer....go figure! We never had a true hot summer this year, so this was the perfect time to bake. And my family loves it when I do. Even my father-in-law does, I have to make him mini one's for portion control. So I ship his off to Ohio, he can't wait for the goodies to arrive. He knows they are sent with LOVE! I hope Sunbeam still makes them as durable as they did when they made this one. I couldn't even tell you the names of the other's or how long they lasted. But they didn't last as long as this one. I've been very happy with my Sunbeam Mixmaster, now my husband uses it to make whipped, I mean mashed potato's at Holiday's. He's a great helper in the Kitchen. ***The Sunbeam mixmaster hand held model #2486, comes with attachments.***

Somewhere in Time, MI


Sunbeam MixMaster Hand Mixer

4.8 4