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Sunbeam MixMaster 2366 275 Watts Hand/Stand Mixer

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Not bad. But not heavy duty.


This is not a bad mixer if you don't plan on doing too much. It came with the beaters, but no other attachments. I wish it also came with a dough hook, but it did not. The motor is decent. It has worked through everything I've used it for (basic cakes, muffins, etc). It doesn't take up much space and it fits decently under the cabinet. It's easy to clean and I just wipe down when I'm finished. The bowl and beaters fit nicely in the dishwasher. The bowl makes it a little difficult to get a lot of ingrediants in. It feels a little cramped compared to the space in between the bowl and mixer handle. The bowl also does seem to move to one side which makes mixing a little odd. But overall, it was a great price so I can't complain.

Warrensburg, MO


Reasonable Mixer - but there are better ones.


It gets the job done Mixing Performance It does an ok job of getting everything mixed in but I still find I have to use a spatula to get everything off the sides and bottom of the bowl. Then When I think I am done and I lift the beaters I find dry powder all over them, so I have to drop them back down and mix some more. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean, although I do find wet batter up where the beaters go in. Ease of Use Very easy to operate. Design I mostly like the design. I just don't like the idea of food getting into the little nooks and crannies. Durability It has a good strong motor in it. I like the thickness of the glass bowls and the beaters are sturdy.

Bountiful, UT


Sunbeam MixMaster 2366 275 Watts Hand/Stand Mixer

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