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Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Compact Iron

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I like the Sunbeam Compact Iron, it gets the job done


  I got my Sunbeam Compact Iron several years ago right after I graduated from college.  It is lasted this long, so that must be worth something.  I hate ironing, so I might not be the best advice on the subject, but this iron works when I need it.  It has several settings for cotton, synthetics, polyester, etc.  It also has a steam option and comes with a nifty measuring cup to put the water in so you can measure the corrected amount for the steam feature.  I use it mostly for ironing on patches and it does that very well, but I don't need the steam function for that activity.  Be careful not to leave it on too long though because I left burn marks on a pocket of my husband's pants.  I use my iron in conjunction with an ironing board I bought at Target.  I would be scared to use it without an ironing board.  I also like that it is lightweight and easy to store.   It is perfect for busy people who don't iron very frequently.  That's me!

Saint Paul, MN


Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Compact Iron

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