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Sunbeam Heritage Series Hand Mixer

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I love my little Sunbeam hand mixer!


Like I said, I love my little Sunbeam hand mixer! I've had it for several years now- got it during college. I use it probably once per month. I don't remember how much I paid for it, but I remember it being really inexpensive, which is why a poor college student like me bought it. It has a little bit of difficulty with "harder" ingredients (like if butter is still really cold and needs to be mixed), but usually it works wonderfully. It's easy to clean and has never had a problem working even though it probably gets tossed around a bit more than it should. I don't think I had even heard of the Sunbeam brand when I bought the mixer, but I'd definitely buy another Sunbeam product since this one has done so well. Even at low speeds, the mixer works very well. I don't have too much of a splatter problem (other than when I use too small of a bowl). So bottom line, it's a great value- cheap product that has lasted a long time and works well.

Milwaukee, WI


The Sunbeam Hand Mixer can't be compared!!!


I have been through many a hand mixer in my life seems they never seem to last long before you start sensing a faint smoking smell while mixing or just plain won't turn on anymore. But I feel like I've finally found one that may prove that stereotype wrong! I've had the Sunbeam hand-held mixer for just over a year now and use it for absolutely everything from mixing stiff cookie doughs to mashing potatoes. As a frequent baker I put it through a lot of abuse and it has yet to fail me or even show signs of hard work and wear. It includes three sets of different beaters which equip it to do a variety of baking tasks. A bonus which makes it versatile in storage is the stand which is included with it - it's still small enough to fit in nearly any normal sized cupboard but also could be stored right on the countertop for convenience. It may not be the cheapest one on the market but it will put a mixer out of your yearly budget and therefore in the long run could become a money-saver.

Fort Worth, TX


Stuck on one speed


I registered for this Sunbeam mixer when my husband and I got married, and was excited to receive it.  It is a very attractive model for a hand mixer and I like its convenient size.  It fits easily into my lazy susan for storage and has a stand to hold it.  The cord is a decent length.  It is easy to clean and cleans up well.  The beater attachments are also easy to clean and easy to attach/detach from the mixer unit.  This mixer worked well for me at first.  However, with very limited and infrequent use it now only operated on one speed (the fastest speed) making it unusable for many items.  Because it is stuck on the fast speed, if I try to use it I end up with a giant mess and have little control over what I am mixing.  I finally broke down and purchased a new mixer this month because ANY mixer will be better than the one I have that is stuck on one speed.  Hopefully I just got a "lemon", because otherwise I would recommend this mixer.

West Lafayette, IN


I Love It!


My husband bought me the Sunbeam Heritage Series Hand Mixer Model No. 2547 for Christmas a couple of years ago and I absolutely have loved this mixer!!!  It has been an extremely versatile hand mixer mixing cake batter, cookie dough, bread dough to whipping creme and eggs yolks to the perfect consistency.  The Sunbeam Heritage Hand Mixer comes with your traditional beaters, whisks and kneading spindles that you can use with it. The Model 2547 comes with this handy stand that doubles as a storage place for your spindles and cord.  I keep it right on the counter where it is easily accessible for use.  It has multiple speeds that are extremely fast and strong.  I don't usually go past the first couple of speeds on this mixer!  It also has an eject button to release the spindles with one push.  The mixer is also easy to clean with a durable exterior and finish and the base for the mixer to be stored on is also easy to clean when you have those occasions of using the mixer multiple times and sitting it on the base without wiping it off first!  The handle fits nicely into anyones hands which is nice for younger kids, teens, men and my mom.     

Tekonsha, MI


Sunbeam Heritage Series Hand Mixer

4.0 4