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Sunbeam Heritage Series Hand Mixer

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not impressed


I grew up using a sunbeam mixer and absolutely loved it. This sunbeam i didnt realize has a dual motor so one motor controlls the beaters and the other controlls the bowl. I can not stand that the bowl is controlled by a motor because sometimes it is necessary to assist in turning the bowl yourself. It does not make dough. The motors grind so hard when mixing that it just locks up. I have tried several times but have always been unsuccessful. I end up having to stop after all of the ingredients have been added and instead of letting the mixer do the work like the old ones would I have to pull out the dough and knead it myself and 10-15 minutes of kneading the dough is exhausting. The beaters are a very poor quality. They have screws in the bottom of them (the part that touches the bowl of the mixer) and one day when making cookies the beater fell apart and I "lost" the screw inside of my cookie dough. I had to search until I found the screw so I could reassemble the beater and also because I didnt want someone to eat the screw. The button to release the beaters is very difficult to push and most of the time I need to use 2 hands to get it to unlatch. (I am 23 and struggles so its definately not for someone who suffers with arthritis or any of the like) Overall I am very dissatisfied and truely hate this mixer.


Denver, CO


The Sunbeam Hand Mixer is a powerful and outstanding product!


     The Sunbeam hand-held electric mixer is really an efficient and outstanding, helpful tool to have in your kitchen. It is very powerful and is even equipped with a power boost button to give you that little bit of extra energy that you may need in mixing up some of those specific recipes. It is very color coordinated to look great sitting out on any kitchen counter. It comes, of course, with a very durable set of beaters, which can be stored in their own little specific locations on the accessory and mixer display stand. The stand also has a storage area underneath to hide the cord so that it will be kept out of sight when the mixer is not in use. The mixer itself has a very soft grip open handle and a heel rest, which provides exceptional stability when the unit rests on a table or the kitchen counter. This handy mixer has 250 watts of power and, also, six different speeds. It works wonderfully well in preparing those creamed potatoes, which is one of my favorite side dishes. I would highly recommend this product.


Longview, TX


Sunbeam Heritage Series Hand Mixer

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