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Sunbeam Heritage Hand Mixer

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way too powerful!!!!


We wanted a basic hand mixer, so we put this one on our wedding registry. It's a nice basic mixer with many speed options and is designed well. However, I have never gone past speed one and make a huge mess every time I use the mixer. I am always nervous to use the mixer when using a lot of flour. I do like the "case" that the mixer comes with. It makes it easy to store and access everything in the cupboard. Mixing Performance This machine mixes well, if you can keep the contents in the bowl. Be sure to use a bowl with high sides and try to put the flour in first and then the wet stuff on top. Speed one is powerful enough for almost everything. For whipping cream, I use up to speed 3. Ease of Cleaning Easy to clean. Just rinse and wash or throw in the dishwasher. The ejector button is sometimes difficult to get to work. Ease of Use Easy to put together and use. A retractable cord would make it better though. Design Design of the mixer and the fit of it in the hand is good. The stand that comes with it is nice for storage.



Good for everyday use


I am not going to say that I am an expert cook or baker, or that I use a hand mixer very often, but when I do use one, this is the model I have. I mainly bought this model becaues I recognized the brand name, I like the stand, and it came in a color (red) that matches my kitchen. I like the stand because it is really frustrating when you are a making a cake and the batter splatters everywhere. It's nice to be able to put the dirty mixer on the base and know it is not going to topple over. I did notice, however, that even the slowest speed is pretty fast, and that does tend to cause a mess from time to time. I will say that I did like this model enough to buy one for my mother for Christmas, and she enjoys it as well.

Duluth, MN


Sunbeam Hand Mixer Saves the Hand...


I received this Sunbeam hand mixer 5 years ago as a wedding gift... I use it weekly and it still faithfully does a great job. I love the stand that keeps it upright when I'm in-between mixing something, so I never have to worry about it falling over. The beaters click in and out easily, and the entire thing is easy to wipe down and keep clean-looking. I would definitely recommend this someone looking for a faithful, reasonably priced hand mixer. It also is a great size to store in small spaces!

Warren, OH


Sunbeam Heritage is a great little hand mixer!


I bought this because all of my kitchen appliances are stainless steel, and this mixer fit that look. Although it is plastic, and not steel, it is very sturdy and easy to use. It comes with a stand that looks like the cord should twist into it, but the directions do not show you how. I've had the mixer for a year, and have yet to figure out how to wind the cord up, so I just wrap it around the base. The blades detach easily, and the whole mixer is very easy to clean. I have not had any trouble with any recipes that require mixing. My cheesecakes turn out great with this mixer. Overall, I would recommend this mixer if you are looking for something functional and affordable. This is not the fanciest mixer you could own, but it gets the job done.

Woodville, OH


The Sunbeam Heritage Speeds Through Your Mixes


I was shopping for some time and had finally decided on a mixer but before I could go buy it my husband came home with this. Darn it! So, I might already have a negative mindset on this from the get go. While it seems to be a very sturdy handmixer, I wish it wasn't quite so heavy. I don't use the stand, it is always in the way. I don't bother with trying to wind the cord in the stand either since it would involve too much of my time and again, give me an annoyance that I don't need. I have to scrub the blades every time I use it to get the rust off so it won't flake into my food. I wonder why the blades aren't stainless since the rest of the mixer is built like a tank. I couldn't get one that would just fall apart so I could get the one I wanted. If you need a slow speed to whip up liquids, watch out, this thing is way too fast on the low speed and you'll cringe when you see little droplets of liquid spraying around. Just make sure you wear a patterned shirt so it won't be noticeable. On the plus side, it does have some power to it although there doesn't seem to be a huge difference in the six speeds. It can whip thick batches of mixes with hardly a shrug. I don't recommend this mixer although I'm sure there are people who will like it. I prefer a very low speed for liquids with a little more difference in the speeds so I know if I'm even changing speeds. I will not be sending this to a landfill though and will use it until it falls apart or I find a victim who doesn't own one.

Oceanside, CA


A great hand mixer.


I bought this hand mixer on sale about two years ago in preparation for all the cooking I was doing to host Thanksgiving. Previous to that purchase, I had been using a bottom-of-the-line hand mixer from Walmart. I was impressed with the quality of this mixer for the price, and it has been going strong for two years now without any problems! The mixer comes with several accessories, including whisk attachments, bread dough attachment, etc. One of the things I really liked about it was the stainless steel mixing bowl with lid that the mixer came with. The mixer and all the accessories store easily in the stainless steel bowl and closes easily with a snug snap-on lid. This make storage a cinch, which I loved.  If you don't have the budget or the counter space for a stand mixer, this is a great option. I've been tremendously pleased with this product! It is a great addition to any cook's kitchen.    

Siloam Springs, AR


The lowest speed is way too fast for use w/dry ingredients.


Sunbeam Hand Mixer - Model #3156Recently purchased at local Dept Store.  Very inconvenient to use, low speed is way too fast for mixing dry products.  Not worth the time spent cleaning up after use.

Fairfield, CA


Sunbeam Heritage Hand Mixer

3.4 7