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Sunbeam Health at Home Flexible Heating Pad Hydra . (Sunbeam)

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The Very Best Heating Pad


As a nurse and a massage therapist, I understand the therapeutic effects of heat on muscle pain. This heating pad really delivers. The unique shape allows you to apply heat to a large area (like the back) as well as circular areas like a knee or ankle. I would not be without this heating pad.




Best heating pad I ever had!


SUNBEAM FLEXIBLE HEATING PAD model 902-5 I received this heating pad as a Christmas gift. I am loving it! It's by far the best one I've ever had. It has a timer which enables you to use it continuously, or customize the length of time you want the heating pad on for up to 4 hours. I really like having the option to keep the heat on longer; most heating pads automatically turn off after 20 minutes, and that is usually not enough time for me. It also has 8 different heat settings. It is a contoured shape, and includes velcro pads, so you can fasten it in place. Very handy if you are using it on an area such as a shoulder or a knee. You can also use it to help target the heat exactly where you need it. It can also be used as a moist heat pad; you simply spritz the pad with water (but never immerse the pad in water, or hold under a faucet!) or wet the surface with a sponge. It also has a long 12 foot cord, very handy if you are sitting a little ways away from an outlet. I find this a very comfortable heating pad to use, it's soft, and not bulky feeling. Often, my lower back will hurt while I am sitting at the computer, and I can wrap this pad around me, and with the velcro strap, I can still sit up straight and maintain a good posture while using it, and because of the long cord, I don't have to worry about the plug pulling out of the wall if I swivel around in my chair.


Big Rapids, MI


Sunbeam Health at Home Flexible Heating Pad Hydra . (Sunbeam)

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