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Sunbeam GrillMaster

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Sunbeam Grill-Master 750 A nice grill


For the price I think buying a Sunbeam Grill-Master 750 was a good choice , its a very nice grill that works well and is easy to use. I really like its design and think its a very pretty grill with all the features one would expect for the money , However, I would suggest you keep this in storage in a garage because if you do leave it out in the weather you are going to see quite a bit of rust show up and peeling paint . Ours is doing fine because we keep it on the covered porch but it does not do well in the elements uncovered or protected . we have a friend who has the 540 series and she kept her grill out in the rain and sun , this caused her to see the pealing and rust I was talking about so her grill is not looking so great and her auto start has stopped working . We have had this Grill for almost a year and everything still works perfectly with it and I have had no disappointments of a mechanical nature . its light weight and very easy to move around to where you want it which is great because we like to grill even if its raining and I can move it myself around the back porch with ease .. I also like that you really don't have to baby it so much its very tough and rugged as a grill should be so if your looking for a nice family grill you cant go wrong with a Sunbeam Grill-Master 750 , for the money its a great product for family grilling


Palm Coast, FL


A Great Grill that lasts for a long time!


We purchased our Sunbeam GrillMaster Grill almost exactly 11 years ago. It is the only gas grill we have ever owned and we have loved it. It consistently and evenly cooks all of our foods that we grill. It has a very large working surface which allows us to do lots of grilling in a short amount of time when we have barbeques and other parties at our house. Up until this year, we have never had any problems with it. We just replaced the cooking grids as they were getting quite rusted and losing their finish. Foods were getting stuck on them a little too often. We also replace the heat shield as that had rusted too. Now we are back in business and even cooked a whole chicken on it two nights ago. Delish! My only complaint is that the igniter/starter stopped working shortly after we purchased it. It's not a huge deal and we just use a long-wand lighter to start it up but it would be nice to have that feature working again. I would recommend this grill to anyone who's looking for a solid, built-to-last grill!


Davison, MI


Okay for price


I loved my Sunbeam GrillMaster 750 when I first got it about 4 or 5 years ago.  Now, I still like it, but am disappointed that it doesn't seem to be made to last long.  I had to buy a new grill more than once as the have "burned" through.  Now the main gas jet housing is falling apart.  Of course the self lightling feature failed very quickly, but I think that is par for the course for all outdoor gas grills.  The features I do like it the side burner, which is nice since my daughter prefers her hotdogs boiled.  I also like the side burner to keep beans warm, or to melt butter.  I also appreciate having a shelf on the opposite side so I can lay down dishes or utensils.  The wheels have held up well, and it is easy to move the grill around.  The grill was a gift, but I don't think it was terrible expensive.  I think it has been decent for the price, but when I buy one again I am going to look for one that I think will have a longer life.


Stanhope, NJ


Sunbeam GrillMaster

3.7 3