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Sunbeam ExpressBake Bread Maker

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Bread Machines are a Great Addition to the Kitchen


I recently purchased this bread machine, as I've heard from many people that homemade bread is delicious. So, I wanted to see for myself what the bread phase was all about. I was very impressed to learn that the bread making process is quite easy. You put in the ingredients, click on the settings, and the machine kneads the bread and bakes it for you. It is great! I love making French bread and the classic American loaf, but you can make a much larger variety of bread. I plan on trying new types of loaves. It seems like this is cheaper than buying bread. Not only cheaper, but it tastes a lot better. The machine is a bit bulky and doesn't look that great in the kitchen, but I store mine in the cabinet when it is not in use. I wish the machine was easier to clean, but I am lazy when it comes to cleaning dishes. You are supposed to hand wash the parts, which is probably the only downside I have discovered about the machine. Other than that, I love my bread machine. I would shell out the bucks for this thing again in a heartbeat. You should give it a try.

Lockport, LA


Sunbeam Breadmaker- durable and long-lasting


White is not usually my favorite color for any kitchen appliance, so I hope that in the future, Sunbeam will come out with this in black. But, until then, I have my appliance cozy and it can fit in a pull-out section of my cupboard for easy access. One of the reasons that I like to go out to dinner or to have dinner at other people's houses is to try their bread recipes. I am a carbaholic, I would eat salad and bread every night for dinner. In fact, in a restaurant, I have been known to order a meal, eat the salad and bread served as an appetizer before the main entree is brought and then ask for the entree to go. (I usually order dessert in that scenario and then eat the main course forlunch the next day.) So, when I find a bread that really appeals to me, I often ask for the recipe, and many friends are happy to oblige. Putting the ingredients together is the easy part, but kneading them together can be difficult on my forearms, oh it is fine if I am only making one loaf of bread, but really, who makes one loaf of bread?? I usually make at least 3 and use the leftovers for stuffing (if it is a non-sweet bread) or "french toast"-- in which I take half of the bread, break it into pieces, and put it in a greased pan, add pie filling (our favorite is blueberry), put the other half of the bread on top, cover with 2 eggs, one cup of milk (may need more, depending on the size of the bread) add cinnamon and a little sugar on top, and bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or until golden brown. I also find it useful for making pizza dough, as it has a cycle that will allow you to just make dough. I put in the ingredients, push the cycle setting to dough and wait while the ingredients are kneaded together. This is especially useful during football season when my husband has a get-together with his friends to watch Monday night football. It is MUCH cheaper to buy the ingredients and make the pizzas at home than to have them delivered from a local pizzeria. And, our friends are quite impressed with homemade pizza dough and I get to accept the credit, although I did very little. Of course, if they read this, they will now be aware of my secret! Using the machine with the given recipe book is fairly simple, you put in the ingredients in the order they are listed in the recipe and set it to the appropriate cycle setting and wait while the dough bakes into warm bread that fills the house with its aroma, welcoming all who enter and whetting their appetites. You cannot just gather the ingredients and put them in willy-nilly style if you want the bread to rise appropriately. You also need to be aware that the mixer piece, which is located in the bottom of the pan, and comes out of easy cleaning, usually comes out when removing the bread or dough from the pan. I have been caught of guard a couple of times when it falls to the floor with a loud clunk while I am carrying the bread to the table. And, the pan is removable, too for easy clean-up. Since I have been known to awkwardly bend over a crock-pot to try and get it clean and be sore for a few days, I like this feature! But, this pan does heat up, so be careful when removing it after baking bread. I have tried using pre-made mixes, like King's Hawaiian Bread, and these were an epic fail, the bread basically stayed doughy and did not rise into bread. It was quite disappointing. Needless to say, I now only bake from scratch, using tried and true recipes, or figuring out the general order that the ingredients should be added to the pan, as this info is not listed in the Recipe book that came with the breadmaker. Overall, I like this machine a lot. It has been very helpful to me and very durable. I have used it once a week for about 2 years. It is not overwhelmingly sophisticated, which I can appreciate in this technologically advance society, and so can my father-in-law, who was technologically challenged. The size of the loaf of bread is enough for a family of four for dinner. If more than this will be attending our dinner, I make more loaves, accordingly. I highly recommend the purchase of this appliance for its time-saving capabilities and convenience.

College Station, TX


Makes bread making easy


This Sunbeam breadmaker takes the hard work out of breadmaking. All you do is put your ingredients in order, select loaf size and setting, and step back to watch it work. In just a little while, your house will smell like fresh baked bread. The things I don't like about this machine are that the loaf is oddly shaped (a squatty retangle) which is a problem in a lot of upright breadmakers, dense (also a problem in a lot of bread makers) and the paddle is almost always stuck in the bottom of the loaf of bread, and you have to cut it out. To solve these problems, I ususally make my bread on the dough setting only, and then when it has done all the hard work of mixing and kneading for me, I pull out the dough to shape into my own loafs. That way I can get a shape, texture, and paddle free loaf we are all happy with.

Wake Forest, NC


easy to use


this is my first breakmaker and so far i've only baked a few loaves with it.  i'm satisfied but i think i could do better.  it works well and seems easy to use.  there's a few improvements I'd like to suggest though.  I wish there was setting that alerts me when the bread has finished kneading but before it bakes.  this way i can transfer the loaf to another container to finish somewhere else.  i could also put other additives in there such as nuts and granola.  maybe i'm just not using this right but i don't see anything in the manual.  you just have to pay attention.  the bread size is also awkward.  whichever way you slice it, it seems too large.  it's like a large square so making a sandwich with this bread is not ideal.  in the long run though, it should save you money if you don't intend on buying overpriced loaves of bread but i for one, will not be giving up my supermarket priviledges.  i'll bake a loaf here and there when i want to try something new but i will still be getting superior made bread from my local bakeries.

Lynden, WA


Time for bread!


This is a nice bread machine for the cost conscience person.  All the settings you need for basic break mixing with an all in one machine perfect for someone new to making bread or baking but good enough to keep around even when you get good at it.  Easy to clean up parts that even my mother with arthritis doesn't have problems taking apart and cleaning.  The flipper being in the bread if you make it and bake in the same machine can be a littley annoying.  Most importantly the bread comes out really good every time.  You do have to be wary of old yeast as that can cause flat unrisen bread you do not want to serve to family.  Comes in really handy during the holidays making a piping hot loaf of fresh cinnamon bread for in the morning that wakes up the whole family. The booklet comes with plenty of easy to read and understand bread recipes.  Just keep in mind this is not really meant to save money on buying bread since the ingredients are not that cheap more as a compliment to your meals and a surprise to family and friends when you take out your buttery hot freshly baked loaf of bread to serve.

Jacksonville, FL


The Sunbeam 5890 is a MUST in the kitchen!!


The Sunbeam 5890 is a great machine.  We purchased this machine a bout 5 years ago when my other breadmachine was broke.  I am sad that this model is no longer available in our area (that we can find).  I would definatly buy another Sunbeam breadmaker.  I have used every setting on the machine, except for the jam setting.  I was not happy with the size of the loaves and the big hole left in the bottom from the paddle.  Since we are a large family making bread has become a part of daily life.  I decided to utilize some of the other features on the machine.  I love the dough setting on this machine.  I just put the ingredients in the pan and press the button.  When it beeps I take the dough out and finish it in the oven.  That way the loaf is "normal" size and I can start another loaf right away.  I have started doing all my bread this way, even the quick bread setting.  I am going to try the jam setting as soon as time allows. 

Le Roy, NY


The Sunbeam Breadmaker 5890 is perfect for me!


I love my Sunbeam Breadmaker.  It has all the features I want in a bread machine and much more.  It has a quick bread feature which enables me to make a loaf of bread in an hour or if I can spare the time I use the regular setting.  The bread has come out delicious every time that I have made it.  I have also made delicious peach jam in the machine.  Believe it or not I have used the "dough" cycle more than any other for making sweet rolls.  My friends and family have given me numerous compliments on my sweet rolls.  I have also made bagels with the bagel setting (something I never would have attempted without this machine) and french bread.  I can't really say that there's anything I don't like about this machine. I have not used every feature but as you can tell from my review I have used enough features to make it worth the price I paid for it.  It is moderately priced for a bread machine and I am definitely satisfied.

San Antonio, TX


Sunbeam ExpressBake Bread Maker

4.3 7