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Sunbeam Electric Griddle

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Great economical product for any kitchen.


This little griddle was very inexpensive compared to some of the higher end brands on the market. It does a great job with bacon, eggs, pancakes, even steaks and omelets. It doesn't stick too often and does what it claims to do. I can say, however, the temperature recommended cook times do not seem very accurate. When I cook a steak at to medium, 20 minutes at 300-325 degrees gets it more along the lines of well done with a bit of char. Also, the temperature seems to vary a bit on this from say 250 to 275 it seems like it heats up significantly more than 25 degrees. It's a great item and gets the job done but it takes a little bit of hit and miss and some guess work on certain meats. Performance Absolutely love the non-stick feature. Also it has a nice drain that gets a lot of the grease. It does a great job for literally everything you could want to cook on this. I use it for a variety of breakfast foods including toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, etc. as well as at lunch and dinner time. I even use it to griddle/fry/stirfry. I can cook homemade steak fries, greenbeans, and even peas on this. Also, it makes great grill cheeses. Durability I've had this thing for around 3 years now and it was warrantied for a year. It has held up great and has been through cats chewing on the cord, being knocked off my counter, to even having it dropped in the dish water (not while plugged up of course!). Ease of Cleaning It's very easy to clean the griddle plate and the cord of this machine but around the edges sometimes gets grease/lard in it and it's a bit harder to get in the crevices. I've noticed it's much easier to clean as it's warming down or just heating it up to around 150 to give all the gunk on their a little heat to loosen it up. Ease of Use It's so easy to use. You literally just plug it in and turn the dial to whatever temperature you would like. knowing what temperature to use is the guess work and how long to cook but the actual ease of use part is a 10 out of 10 for sure.



The Sunbeam electric griddle makes breakfast for many.


This Sunbeam griddle is the first electric griddle I have owned. I am quite pleased with it. It can cook alot of pancakes in a short amount of time - then everyone at the table can enjoy fresh pancakes at the same time. I have also used it for breakfast meats, which it does nicely and also hashbrowns, which were a breeze. It has heated nice and evenly for me thus far. The non-stick surface seems durable - no peeling at this point. I have had it for about one year. The only inconvience I have found is that it isn't easy to store because it's so big. I don't currently have a cabinet into which it fits, so I store it on top of the refrigerator. I guess that you can't have "big" and "easy to store" in the same griddle. I would recommend this to anyone - it would make a nice gift for a wedding or bridal shower or even Mother's Day.

Millersburg, IN


Sunbeam Electric Griddle makes breakfast a breeze!


My mom gave me this griddle as she knows how much I love breakfast! It's so much easier to just plug in this griddle than trying to balance a griddle pan on top of the stove. The stove top griddle never gets uniformly hot and so some items get cooked faster than others. The Sunbeam griddle has even heat, and holds a lot so we can all eat at the same time (no cooking in batches!). It also has a grease tray so I can cook bacon or sausages on it and not have them sit in the grease (like in a skillet). We use it almost every morning. My husband loves having blueberry whole grain pancakes in the morning. They raise up high and are easier to turn over without messing them up (like in a skillet) because of the open griddle. I happen to like stuffed French toast and I love the non-stick top as sometimes the cream cheese oozes out. You can also cook a couple strips of bacon and have room for some eggs too, so everything is ready at the same time. There's nothing I don't love about it!

Norwalk, CA


Sunbeam Electric Griddle

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