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Sunbeam Easy Clean Waffle Maker

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Durable waffle maker


I have had my Sunbeam Easy Clean Waffle Iron for over 15 years. Granted, I'd say that we've made waffles only once a month on average over the past 15 years, so it hasn't gotten a tremendous amount of use, but none the less it's still going strong. The thing that attracted me to this Sunbeam Easy Clean waffle iron, was that because of the plastic casing, my children were able to use it themselves without getting burned. The waffle plates are coated with teflon, so they are easy to clean like the product claims. The only thing I don't like about this waffle iron is that it doesn't get as hot as my old metal waffle iron that I inherited from my grandma. So the waffles, don't get as crispy as I'd like. It helps to leave the waffles in past the time the built in ready light thinks they're done, but there's definitely a trade off between safe & crispy when it comes to waffle irons.

San Diego, CA


Sunbeam Easy Clean Waffle Maker

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