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Sunbeam 6-Speed Hand Mixer

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Fair performance at a low price. Mixing Performance Need to have a firm grip or it will fly out of your hand. Can't use the high setting unless you have a very strong hand. Not very controlable. Takes longer because you really can't use on the high speed. Overall it does the job considering its low price. Ease of Cleaning Good enough. Ease of Use Not good. Design Not sure why it is so hard to control. Perhaps it is too light. Durability Don't think this will last very long but so far so good.


Patchogue, NY


Good mixer for a good price.


The best part of this mixer is the low price. I use this mixer for all of my baking and it does an excellent job. It has a good range of speeds that make baking simple and easy. I really like the easy release of the mixers. I like this mixer a lot and would definitely recommend it if you are low on money.




Sunbeam stands the test of time


I have the Sunbeam Mixmaster model #2526. After years of mixing batters and mashing potatoes by hand I finally decided it was time to make life a little easier and get an electric hand mixer. It was a decent price, and it works fantastically. I have no complaints. I love the fact that it has six different speeds, because especially with mashed potatoes, sometimes you just need a little more power to get the job done. The slower speeds are perfect for mixing more delicate things like puddings and custards, and the higher speeds are great for beating egg whites into merengues in no time flat. The high speeds are also good for whipping your own cream into unsalted butter, but I havent really found a whole lot of people besides myself who actually do that. It's easy to clean, easy to store, and VERY handy to have around the kitchen. For an inexpensive, reliable machine, Sunbeam is the way to go!!


Glen Rock, PA


Sunbeam 6-Speed Hand Mixer

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