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Sunbeam 6-Slice Toaster Oven

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Didn't last long!


Admittedly, I wasn't too discerning when I bought this. I was really just looking for a semidecent product for a temporary house. This worked fine for the two months I lived in that house, but I suppose it was too much to hope that it would last much longer! Almost as soon as I moved, it broke. I was disappointed - it had been a nice alternative to a microwave! Even Heating It may have been partially due to my inexperience with a toaster oven, but I had some problems with even heating on several occasions. It also depended on what I was heating. Safety It seemed safe enough. I never caught it on fire, so that's a pretty good sign. Ease of Cleaning I think this may be universal for toaster ovens, but this was a pain to clean. It was small, so it's hard to get a hand in there, and there were some nooks and crannies that made it difficult. Durability It lasted two months, then completely shorted out. Total disappointment! Design Nothing special, but it worked.




Sunbeam Toaster Oven is great!!


The Sunbeam Toaster oven is a really geat deal!! It is very affordable and works great! !I would recommend this to everyone.It has a glass oven door so that you can see what is happening.It does not do much.But it does work great. Even Heating It heats very good. Safety I guess it is safe.You should always keep an eye on things. Ease of Cleaning I is very easy to clean. Durability It is very durable.I have had this one for about ten years now. Everything is still working very good.And it is still in one piece. Design I do like the design or I wouldn't have bought it.


Brazoria, TX


Sunbeam Toaster Oven 620 is really great!!


When my daughter had my first grandbaby, I went over to help out. Well, while I was there, I was doing things that helped her, and saved time too. Then, later when we were hungry, I remember I bought them a **Sunbeam Toaster Oven 620** as a housewarming gift. It was really hot on this July evening, so I really didn't want to turn on the oven. I put together some italian bread, and several meats, and cheeses. After putting it all on the italian bread, I sliced each one in half. Then I put them into the **Sunbeam Toaster Oven 620 **for about three minutes. It warmed it, and toasted it. I love it! Of coarse I put a few of them in for a few extra minutes. I didn't heat up the kitchen or the house at all! So easy to use and clean up!****


Indianapolis, IN


This toaster oven is good, but you get what you pay for


This toaster oven is obviously not a high quality, expensive item, but it works. I had never used one before we had this, but it has come in handy. It is a pretty standard toaster oven, it can toast, broil, and cook up to about 450 degrees. It has a little pan in it which is nice. It isn't too big, but it can fit a little Totino's pizza in there which is convenient. The things I like to use this toaster oven for are when I am doing a small amount of things like french fries or tater tots. I have used it to cook other things, like small pans of enchiladas before too, but it seems like you have to watch them so they don't burn. I often turn it down 50 to 100 degrees lower than I would in a normal least for part of the time. I also use it often to broil buns or garlic bread and it works perfectly for this! It is a great toaster too, but I think it is easier to use a toaster to toast normal bread. This works better for slices of banana bread or pumpkin bread if you like them toasted because it won't fall apart in your toaster. I have also used it in the summer on my porch to cook baked potatoes. It works! But, it does take a few hours. What I don't like about it is that well, it is cheap. You can try baking cookies, but they don't turn out well. They are either too doughy (and I like doughy cookies) or too crisp. Using it as an oven is difficult. Also, it gets very watch out. Other than that, it is worth it. If you use it occasionally, great. If you want to use it every day, I'd get another one.


Sterling, CO


Good little toaster oven


I bought my new Sunbeam 6201 toaster oven when my daughter moved out and took my old one with her.  I wanted a fresh, new, clean-looking toaster to replace it.  The Sunbeam was just that.  I bought mine in white, which is a fresh, light addition to my kitchen without looking overwhelming or hulking on the countertop. You can toast, like a toaster, or you can bake, like with your oven, using the Sunbeam.  We mostly use it for toasting bread, but I've also used it for baking biscuits and cornbread.  It's a smaller thing to heat up than the entire oven if you're cooking something small. The bottom unclips easily to open up on a hinge, allowing for easy clean-up of all the buttery crumbs that fall down and collect near the heating coils.  I did find, however, after a year or so, that the white color around the edges of the glass door did finally begin to discolor, so my pretty, clean white look is slowly wearing off.  It's not bad, but there is a brownish tinge around the edges, making it look more like my old one did.  It did take a while for it to happen, however.  It it comes in a different color, I might try something else next time just to avoid the discoloration issue.


Burleson, TX


Love the Sunbeam toaster oven 6201


Sunbeam toaster over 6201 is very handy and practical. It is great for a family, especially for preparing snacks. It is easy to clean and easy to use.  It is small and compact so that I can keep it on my counter top. I can cook not only snacks but complete meals for my 2 kids. I use it to toast garlic bread. The only negative I have is that the timer is not long enough sometimes so that I have to remember to reset it in the middle of cooking a meal/snack.


Bradenton, FL




I use my Sunbeam Toaster Oven 6201 for everything.  Every morning I make toast and it always comes out exactly perfect.  The heat is very consistant and reliable.  The timer and heat controls are accurate every time.  I use it for broiling bruschetta, for baking potatoes, for baking french bread pizza and for warming up garlic bread.  After making some dishes in the microwave, I often put them into the Sunbeam toaster oven for a little browning under the broiler, especially a dish topped with cheese.  I know I can rely on it to perform as expected.  The exterior finish is white so it blends in with the rest of my kitchen.  This surface is easy to keep clean.  The inside of the glass door, however, does get dirty and this stuff is not easily removed.  I like the crumb tray but it would be better with fewer nooks and crannies where crumbs fall.  I can never get all the crumbs out.  Grease is especially hard to clean out of the nooks and crannies, and off the inside of the glass door.


Cranston, RI


Sunbeam 6-Slice Toaster Oven

4.1 7