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Sunbeam 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

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Coffeemaker is too loud!


We purchased this because it was, quite frankly, one of the cheapest coffee makers available when we moved. I liked that it showed you how much water you poured in from the side. This came in handy if you sploshed water over the side accidentally as you filled it. I liked the simplicity of the filter system and my favorite feature was that we could program it to have our coffee ready in the morning. I did always worry that the water or coffee would spill a bit into the buttons and interfere with that function. One morning it did when the carafe wasn't fully in the coffee maker, but in enough to allow the coffee to run. The program feature never worked again, but my biggest complaint was the volume level. Even though our bedroom was at the opposite end of the house from the kitchen, each morning I would wake up thinking that a rocket was launching into space nearby. The coffee maker builds to such a rumble that the kids would wake up when the coffee went off. It got so bad we had to switch brands.

Meridian, ID


Love it my life just got easier!!!!


I recieved the Sunbeam 12-cup programmable coffeemaker for my birthday this year and it is a godsend, I love having my coffee before going about my day, it really picks me up and helps me go about my day. I love to set the Sunbeam 12-cup programmable coffeemaker up every night before I'm going to bed, It is so easy to program and pour the water and measure the coffee and you are done. When I wake up the coffee is already brewed and waiting for me, My Sunbeam 12-cup programmable coffeemaker also has an automatic shut-off which is Great if you leave the house in a hurry, with a brand name like Sunbeam you know you are getting Quailty. I would definitely recommend the Sunbeam 12-cup  coffeemaker to everyone who is looking for a quailty coffeemaker that is programmable with auto shut off and easy to operate, I'm very happy with my new Sunbeam 12-cup programmable coffeemaker and I'm sure it will last me many years to come  

Port Orange, FL


Sunbeam 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

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