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Sunbeam 12-Cup Coffeemaker

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Great value for the money.


I have a Sunbeam 12-cup Coffeemaker that I purchased about 5 or 6 years ago. It may have been longer than 6 years when I purchased it, but I have had it for quite some time. This Sunbeam Coffeemaker has given me great service for the price I paid for it. I have had other brands such as Mr. Coffee that hasn't lasted as long as this coffeemaker. It is not computerized either like some brands I have owned also. Usually, within a few years the plate burns out and I have to purchase another coffeemaker but this Sunbeam Coffeemaker "takes a licking and keeps on kicking" instead of ticking. Two years ago, I was for sure that my Sunbeam was on its last leg, so when asked by an acquaintance what I wanted for Christmas I said I needed another coffeemaker because my Sunbeam wasn't going to last to long. But as of today, my Sunbeam is still brewing me 12 cups or more of coffee everyday. And I still have a brand new Coffeemaker in the box for use whenever this Sunbeam Coffeemaker decides to play out. Brew Performance It brews perfectly with interval cleanings. Ease of Cleaning Cleans easily with soap and water, but gets interval cleanings with vinegar or bleach. Ease of Use Just fill coffee holder and water tank. Push "On" button and bravo. Design Its not a fancy coffeemaker in a basic black. Durability It has worked for 6+ years.



Its a durable coffeemaker for a good price


For coffee freaks like me and my husband, a coffeemaker like the 'Sunbeam' comes as a handy friend. There were times when we used to drink more that four cups of coffee in a day. I have been using this coffee maker for the past two years without any issues. And the best thing about Sunbeam is that it brews refreshing coffee within a minute or two. So after a day of hectic work schedule, I dont need to worry about the amount of time it takes to make coffee. Its quick and easy. Its inexpensive and hence comes with no extra features like an indicator to indicate once the coffee is brewed. However it was not much of a problem for me and I like its simple design. If you are looking for a simple coffeemaker without any frills, then Sunbeam coffee maker is definitely a good choice.

Middletown, CT


Sunbeam 12-Cup Coffeemaker 6171


I recieved the **Sunbeam 12-Cup Coffeemaker 6171 as a gift. I would first like to point out that I am NOT a coffee drinker. I use my **Sunbeam 12-Cup Coffeemaker 6171 to heat water to make tea, and hot chocolate, and occasionally brew coffee in it when we have guests who are coffee drinkers. I have had mine for quite a while and it has worked very well. We are big tea drinkers in my home and this coffee maker has served us well. The **Sunbeam 12-Cup Coffeemaker 6171 has stood up well to our abuse. :) It's easy to use and has always worked very efficiently for my family. It's also fairly easy to clean, which I really like. There's nothing worse than brewing water that has a funny color or a wierd aftertaste. Overall, I would recommend this product to others. I think it's a great value for the cost******

Elizabethton, TN


My sunbeam has lasted me 5 years so far and it still going.


My Sunbeam coffepot has lasted me over 5 years and is still going strong. It brews consistanly and efficintly. The Sunbeam was a less exspenive choice with less options. I do not need options in the morning, I just need a coffe pot to brew coffee. While my Sunbeam coffeepot does not have all the "bells and whistles" it does the job. I do wish that this coffeepot was equiped with an automatic start. The bottom hot pad does need to be wiped down occassionaly  but even after being on all day with coffee spilled on it, the bottom hot pad is a breeze to clean. I have left the house several times with very little coffee in the carafe and come home to burnt coffee, howver the carafe is easily cleaned. Everything, but the main coffee maker, comes apart to be easily put in the dishwasher. As my Sunbeam gets older it has developed a leak somewhere that I can't figure out from where. I am impressed over all with this coffee maker because it is used everyday at least once, sometimes twice a day and has lasted me this long.

Troy, MO


Sunbeam 12-Cup Coffeemaker

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