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Drip Coffee Makers
Sunbeam 12-Cup Coffee Makers Drip


Convenient Pause 'N Serve lets you grab a cup without waiting; with removable filter insert for easy cleaning, dual water windows, lighted on/off switch, cord storage. Stylish black design.

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Easy to use.


When I make coffee for myself, I typically use a single cup brewing system because I only drink one cup at a time. If I have a work event (which normally happens once a month) I use the Sunbeam 12C Black Coffeemaker. This coffeemaker is really easy to use, which is important to me because I am a terrible coffee maker! You pretty much just put in the amount of coffee you want to make, add the water, and set the coffeemaker to brew. This consistently makes a good cup of coffee, and I never had any complaints about the grinds being in the coffee. You can even keep this coffee hot all day. Ease of Cleaning This is pretty easy to clean out. I typically wash out the container and just dump the coffee grinds in the trash. Ease of Use This is simple to use, which is important to me. You just add the coffee and water and turn it on. The coffeemaker does the rest. Design I like that it's small enough to get in a small space, but it doesn't look like the fanciest coffee maker. Durability I move this from my office to different meeting places, and I never have a problem with anything breaking.



Mr. Coffee maybe needs a trainer.


My family and myself have tried a lot of coffee makers over the years, this particular one based on it's size and design it took up very little space yet was still a full sized coffee pot. It has a nice upright stance with the water reservoir in back making for a tight small design. The nice design ended there, the product performed adequately, but it was very frustrating to operate and clean. The filter basket seemed very ill fitting, along with the top of the unit being connected to the base. These two flaws are particularly irritating for those of us with less than perfect vision and co-ordination in the early morning hours. The coffee maker did stand up decently to the abuses the family and friend put on every coffee maker we have owned. Our usage is literally around 20 out of 24 hours a day thus a unit like this never lasts very long before it begins to run cooler or stops entirely. Brew Performance This unit brews great, fairly quick to brew a pot. Ease of Cleaning The pot and basket are easy to clean but I found the corner of reservoir would need to be brushed clean with a small brush. Ease of Use The top design of this unit makes it very difficult to load and use. The top tends to fall down atop the basket while you're trying to load the unit. Design Overall design is awesome it looks great and fits well, but it's not very user friendly. Durability The coffee maker was fairly durable, it lasted as long as most other and maybe longer than some of the others. it's not a bad coffee maker.



Mr. Coffee 12 cup by Sunbeam


I have used this Mr. Coffee 12 cup, black in color with glass carafe. I found the whole unit to be light weight but sturdy. It is an economical coffee maker to take on a camping trip. It is durable. The water reservoir is easy to fill. The coffee grounds basket slides easily and smoothly out. The coffee basket holds a regular size coffee filter made for the 8 to 12 cup basket. I have discovered when I run out of the large coffee filters, you can use a 4 cup filter in the coffee basket and be alright. The water drips through at a nice rate so there is not a back up in the coffee basket which might cause the coffee grounds to over spill. The plastic lid on the glass carafe is securely attached and moves without difficulty. It can be opened with using just the pressure from your thumb. The warming plate under the glass carafe keeps the brewed coffee at the right temperature. I have never had a problem with the warming plate overheating or not keeping the brewed coffee hot enough. The on/off switch is located easily on the front at the bottom. It has a red light indicator when the coffee pot is turned on.

Hermiston, OR


Sunbeam 12-Cup Coffee Makers Drip

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