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Sunbeam 10-Speed Plastic Jar Blender

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Sunbeam 10-Speed Plastic Jar Blender


I am partial to purchasing Sunbeam products because they are very cost friendly and usually last longer than I would expect them to. I was very disappointed with this blender with the first use. The plastic jar was awkward to remove and place back in the base of the blender. After only a few uses of mixing smoothies, the blades seemed to not be sharp. Cooked fruits and vegetables that I tried to process in the blender ended up more shredded than blended. The gear that sits under the jar did not appear to fit tightly into the gear in the bottom of the blender jar at times which caused the blender jar to pop up off the gear component. That in turn caused the points on the gear to become rounded. The base of the blender was an awkward size and was difficult to hold on to, to move, and to store. The buttons felt sticky in movement when I pushed on them to operate the blender. I had a very hard time removing the screw cap and blade gear from the base of the blender to clean everything. I was very disappointed in the purchase of this blender and will not buy another one.

Hermiston, OR


Not So Sharp Blender


I was really excited when purchasing this blender, I had just found some amazing recipes for drinks and other items that needed a blender. Unfortunatley, having children, my former blender was broken so out I went in search of a better newer replacement, especially one that would fit my bidget and give me bang for my buck. Sunbeams blender seemed to fit the bill. I brought my new blender home and immediatley got ready and geared up for an amazing pina colada. Instead my machine whirred to life, spitting out the ingredients to my colada all over my kitchen floor. My kids thought it was hilarious, my wallet and my floor did not. I called the company and after a long conversation with a answering system I finally got through to a human. The customer service people over at sunbeam are very helpful, nice peole, just make sure your have the box that the blender came in and your receipt handy. In no less then 3 weeks did I get a brand new blender in the mail. This one worked well, although it didn't crush ice like I had hoped. Still, the price was low enough. I would reccomend this blender to anybody who is looking for a short term working item.

Bronx, NY


My Sunbeam blender was gooduntil it died 3 years after I got it


  At first my Sunbeam 10 Speed Plastic Jar Blender - Model: 6090-33 was great.  It had lots of settings and was easy to use.  You can do everything from chop to liquefy.  It's nice looking and the plastic jar is a good size.  I used the blender to make malts and smoothies.  My husband used the blender to make soups, salsa and sauces.  However; just three years after we got it as a wedding gift, it just stopped blending.  We had to whisk our malts that night, because the blender was useless.  I wish it would have lasted longer.  It didn't just quit, it also had this nasty burning smell to it.  It sounded like it was trying to blend, but the blades just weren't moving.  If someone were looking for a blender, I would recommend that they look for something nicer than the Sunbeam 10 Speed Plastic Jar Blender - Model: 6090-33, because this model is not built to last.  Personally, we bought an Oster this time around.

Saint Paul, MN


Sunbeam 10-Speed Plastic Jar Blender

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