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Sunbeam 0.7-Cubic Feet Microwave Oven


The Sunbeam SGS90701W 0.7-Cubic Foot Microwave Oven in White has 700-watts of cooking power and six auto-cooking settings. with 10 adjustable power levels, meals are able to be prepared with ease. Or opt for the express cooking or weight defrost for faster preparation. An LED display with digital timer and clock provides easy viewing and a child-safe lock-out feature keeps peace of mind.

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Works great!


This little thing is extremely powerful and works so well for my purposes. It reheats, defrosts, and cooks full meals, is easy to use and clean, and overall is just a staple in my kitchen. Performance Heats up and cooks things very well. I find that sometimes following the package directions on things like popcorn isn't as accurate as just pressing the popcorn button, and so it's very helpful to have built in settings like this. Settings/Features There are some features that really make your life easier such as the popcorn button or the automatic defroster. They make using this machine mindlessly simple and I also love that it has a built in clock. Ease of Cleaning The plate comes out very easily for cleaning and I don't have any problems with stains. Ease of Use So many simple buttons and features that make it user-friendly. Durability I carried this thing around in a poorly packed box and it was flopping around inside but when I unpacked it later there was absolutely no damage done to the exterior or interior. I'd say it's pretty solid. Design It's a nice clean color and very simple.



Sunbeam Microwave oven is compact but low on power


I have been using this Sunbeam .07 cubic ft microwave for the better part of a year now. My only complaint with it is that it's low on power. It takes a really long time to heat food up. It takes about twice as long to heat anything up compared to my old microwave. For example it now takes 4-5 minutes to heat up leftovers and 2 minutes to boil water for tea. But, that's what you expect with a small, lower-power microwave. That thing aside, this is a great microwave in it's class. It's very compact, so great for small apartments, the dorm, or those who are on the move a lot. This microwave has all of the fancy features you'd expect with more expensive pieces: adjust power settings, defrost, 1-button feature to make popcorn, baked potatoes, etc. Also, the microwave (buttons panel) still looks great, shiny & new after months of heavy use. Overall I'm pleased.

Gainesville, FL


Great little backup microwave but not great for primary use.


I purchased this little sunbeam .7 cubic ft. microwave on sale for a very low price. I needed something for work that I could put in a small office. I have to say that it is build well for a small microwave. The light inside is very bright and the buttons are easy to use. The downfall is the size. The turntable is very small and most average sized plates wont even fit. It also takes double the standard time to heat something up. I tried heating up a frozen dinner one day that was suppose to take 6 mins. It took about 13 before it was cooked. I love the size for the space I needed up I would hate to own this as my primary source for heating up my food at home. I only got it because of the sale price but I honestly wouldn't have gotten this at rull retail. It does its purpose for me but it isn't the best microwave money can buy. Performance Takes double the time to heat up food. Settings/Features It is a very basic unit but does have a clock. Ease of Cleaning I can wipe it clean easily. Ease of Use Very basic and easy to operate. Durability It is small but durable! Design I love it for small spaces and it is very basic to operate.

Chattanooga, TN


You Get What You Pay For.


Despite the title of this review, this is not a terrible microwave by any means. It definitely does do the job. I purchased this microwave after using a Samsung microwave I loved for years. The main problem with this microwave is that it has extremely slow cooking times. It often takes more than one minute just to heat something up super tiny. When it finally is hot, it is fine, but it takes forever to cook (in terms of microwave time). It is a good buy if you are on a budget, but you should splurge if can. Performance Very slow! Settings/Features Normal...does the job. Ease of Cleaning Easy enough... Ease of Use Quite simple buttons....easy to use. Durability For the price...yes. Design Good enough...



Nothing fancy, but it does its job.


I have had this for several years and never had any problems with it. It has several options to choose from. It is easy to use and figure out. The display is easy to read. It heats the food quickly and adequately. Mine originally had a smell to it when first purchased. It was a plastic, chemical smell. It went away after a couple weeks. Regular cleaning will help keep it nice and smelling fresh. For the price, you really cannot beat this microwave. It works as well as any of the main appliance brands out there.



Sunbeam 0.7-Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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