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SunBeam Oskar Food Processor

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SunBeam Oskar Food Processor is one of the best


What a fabulous little machine! I use it constantly. It is easy to use, light to pick up, easy to clean, has more than enough features (what is it with these home appliances that have 692 features? Who other than a professional needs that many?) and fits the bill for most of the things I make. I do cook a lot more than the average person and I actually have TWO of these machines. I generally use the regular blade attachment for most chores but the other graters and choppers are easy to put together and use as well. And I am not talented with equipment. So if you want something that is easy to use, not too many features (that you likely won't use anyway), a good price,  reliable, there are not enough adjectives to go around to describe the excellent functioning and uses of this invention. I'm not big on expensive and complicated kitchen machines so this is really one of the best purchases I have ever made and I recommend it highly to everyone.   

Glendale, CA


The Sunbeam Oskar is the mighty mouse of food processors


I have had my sturdy little Sunbeam Oskar food processor for over fifteen years now, and I use it more often then my full sized Oster model. The approximately two to three cup size is perfect for my two person household, and it sits proudly on my counter where I can use it alomost every day. It is the most powerful-per-pound appliance that I own, and is perfect for small jobs like chopping herbs and slicing vegetables, making bread crumbs, and my all time favorite, shredding block cheese into either super fine or coarse textures, making it easy to buy in bulk and store in the freezer. The small size makes it easy to clean, and the parts are dishwasher safe. They don't make this particular item anymore, so if you have the opportunity to pick one up on an auction site ar at a garage sale, grab it!

Santee, CA


A Lot of Power in a Small Amount of Space


Here is a little appliance--the SunBeam Oskar-- that speaks volumes for its size.  Handy little thing that sits on my counter that I use constantly.  It only takes seconds to reduce a huge onion to finely **chopped** pieces.  It: **shreds** carrots, cheese, and other veges; **minces** garlic, carrots etc; and **purees** when you add just a little liquid.  You are only limited by your imagination.  The greatest thing since sliced bread.  And clean up is a breeze; the whole thing goes into the dishwasher.  It takes years to wear out the blade; and when this happens, you go buy a replacement which I buy from my grocery store.  Here is a winner in itself.  We take our food for dinner, place it in the bowl of this processor and in less than a minute our baby has her dinner as well--nothing more to heat up--ready to eat.  Can you imagine the amount of money that we save in not having to buy baby food.  Here is another use for this processor, In a pinch when I need instant bouillon and don't have any, I take the bouillon cubes and put them in this food processor and you know how hard they are; well in no time at all I have what I need. I have even thought of purchasing another bowl and blade so that when I am fixing dinner and need it for an unrelated item and don't want to take the time to wash it by hand I've got an extra one on hand. 

Flat Rock, MI


SunBeam Oskar Food Processor

5.0 3