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Sun Oxygen Cleaner

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Sun Oxygen Cleaner - bye, bye OxiClean!


I had been purchasing OxiClean for a few months; and one day I saw a container of Sun Oxygen Cleaner at Walmart.  Voila!  There was quite a difference in price, so I bought a container of the Sun Cleaner. From what I have experienced, Sun Oxygen Cleaner works as well as OxiClean.  My husband used to work in a salt mine; and his clothes were absolutely filthy and smelly.  The thing I noticed most about Sun is its ability to get odors out of clothing.  It does the same for that "dishtowel odor".  Put one scoop with each load as a laundry booster.  For tougher stains, let soak for 30 minutes.  Sun Oxygen Cleaner is chlorine free and can be used on pet, coffee, food, wine, ink and other stains.  Tougher stains may need a longer soak or more Sun added to the load.  Sun can be used on upholstery, fabric, carpeting, kitchen floors, counters, trash cans, decks, lawn furniture, siding, etc.  Follow the instructions on the container for measurements and soaking/setting times.  Just make sure to check to see if the item you are treating is colorfast.  **Test an inconspicuous spot first.** I give Sun Oxygen Cleaner a "thumbs-up"!

Madison, OH


Great quality for a great price!


I had been hearing so many great things for so long about OxiClean and all of its uses, but when I went to buy some, it was pretty expensive. Being that I am on a budget, I opted for the Sun brand Oxygen Cleaner that was next to it on the shelf. It was a lot cheaper, so at first I wasn't sure if it would be worth it, but figured what could it hurt to try. I am so glad I did. I use it not only to get stains out of my children's clothes, and there are plenty, but I also use it on my carpets. I have a shampooer and thought I would try mixing in a cup with the regular soap that goes in it for a little boost and my (off-white, hard to keep clean with kids) carpet looked so much better and cleaner. It even felt cleaner. I think that Sun Oxygen Cleaner was one of the best purchases I have made as far as cleaning supplies go. I would definitely recommend it to anyone on a budget, but looking for a quality product.

Mooresburg, TN


Better than Oxyclean


I purchased the Sun brand oxygen cleaner to try to lift breast-milk stains that had set in the year and a half that my baby clothes had been stored. I was devastated. A friend suggested Oxyclean, but it's so expensive and I had a lot of clothes to wash. I decided to try the much cheaper Sun brand. I just soaked the clothes a few pieces at a time in a bath of hot water and the detergent and let it sit over night. I was skeptical that it would do any good, but when I checked in the morning the stains were gone and the clothes were actually whiter and brighter than they were before soaking. Now that my new one is here, every time I wash anything that has had breast-milk spilled on it, I was it with the Sun oxygen cleaner! I love it so much, I wrote a review about it on my person blog and several of my friends have since purchased it and love it just as much as I do!

Madison, TN


Sun Oxygen Cleaner

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