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Sun Joe
Sun Joe -RM 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher

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Perfect for small yards


I live in a townhouse and have a fairly small yard. I needed a lawnmower that was small, lightweight and easy to handle. This Sun Jo fits the bill. When I took the mower out of the shipping box, it was very lightweight. It included the mulching bag, the mower, the handle and the instruction book. I did not even have to read the instructions to put it together. It was very simple. The handles fit into slots on either side of the mower. Press a button and they easily slip out of the slots. Just lift up the back plate and the mulching bag has two hooks that fit on either side of the mower. I did find the hooks, which are permanently made into the plastic case of the mulching bag, to be a little difficult to put on easily, I had to focus on getting them into their slots to get the bag to stay attached. Plus, if the hooks broke off, I would not be able to use the mulching bag. When you lift up the back plate, to put on the mulching bag, the top of the plate is on a spring. That gives the plate the tension to stay close against the mulching bag. As with any spring, they get looser over time. That is somewhat of a concern. One feature I really like is a hook that is on the top handle. You have the ability to loop your extension cord onto this hoop. One end plugs onto the lawn mower cord and the other end into your power outlet. This keeps the cord away from the mower path. Press the start button, on the handle, and grab the handle with the metal bar that keeps the motor running. It did a great job. It easily cut the grass and it is fairly quiet. It did not stutter on medium height grass and it cut the blades of grass cleanly. After mowing the grass, it took me all of 5 minutes to take the handles off, unhook the mulcher and dump the clippings, unscrew the two handle extension so they could fold down and place the mower back in its shipping box. I am storing the mower in a closet under my stairwell. I figure that it is keep it out of the weather and keep it clean.

Chesapeake, VA


Cuts great but doesn't mulch into the bag


The sun Joe electric mower has been great at evenly cutting my yard without the use of gas and isn't too loud or hard to maneuver. The downfall of the sun Joe mower is the mulch, it doesn't mulch into the bag it just clumps up under the blade which automatically stops the blade and I have clumps of hay leftover.

Houston Texas


Awesome Lawn Mower!


My husband bought a Sun Joe Electric Powered lawn mower to have an electric powered one in addition to our manual push mower. It is so neat! I even enjoy mowing using this mower! It's great to not have to worry about having gasoline on hand when you need to mow. The cord is very long so that you will be able to get around a whole yard. It is very light weight and easy to push and maneuver. It is super easy to start; much easier than a gas powered mower. It has different adjustments so you can cut your grass at whatever height you prefer. It is not any louder than a gas powered mower; in fact, I think it is quieter. It also has a grass clipping catcher, which can hold a pretty good amount of clippings before needing to be emptied. I highly recommend this lawn mower!

Lubbock, TX


Amazing little mower~


I love my mower! I have 7,000 sq. foot lawn and this mower cuts it in no time. It's very light so it's easy to carry up and down my back lawn steps. It's not very loud and because of it being light weight.. it maneuvers easily. The price is right too and with gas prices going up, having an electric mower cuts costs! The only down side to this mower is the grass catcher is tiny.. so I just took mine off. Performance I hate to admit it but I've run over some thick branches (inch diameter) and this mower just whacked them to pieces without stopping.

Novi, MI


No more pulled muscles in your back


After years of dealing with gas mowers that wouldn't start, measuring fuel stabilizer, and replacing parts, I received my Sun Joe Mow Joe electric lawnmower yesterday and absolutely love it! It's like vacuuming the front yard. I will no longer pull muscles in my back or have to wait for my husband to start the mower ever again. 1 button start. It took about 15 minutes to put together AND I'm" instructionally-challenged." It had very easy to understand directions. I wouldn't allow your grass to get too tall though before you mow. I don't think it could handle it. When I first took it out of the box, I was a little worried. The mower looked and felt like a toy. It was extremely light compared to all the gas mowers I have owned, but it proved itself worthy.It comes with a grass catcher and dumping proved a little tedious. I would suggest not allowing it to become too full. When taking it off, grass would easily spill out. Also, if you allow it to become compacted, it can be difficult to shake out. I've always owned mulching mowers so I wouldn't have to deal with this. But I have to admit, after mowing, I just had to sit and admire my manicured lawn. No lines of leftover grass. I would also suggest that you make sure you get the right outdoor electric cord. Our mower is 12 amp. Most 100ft Coleman cords are only 10 amp. My husband says that will ruin your mower. He suggested I get 2 x 50 ft Coleman 13 amp to maintain the power & performance of our machine. I also bought a reconditioned one & it looked brand new. It was very reasonably priced, even for a brand new model too If you are older, or our tired of messing with the hassle of gas mowers and all their problems, this mowers for you. *Update: Bought this in March 2011, it's now May 2013 & this little beauty is still doing a great job. I love how small a space it takes up in our outdoor storage. I will admit that I quit using the grass catcher though as we have about 1/2 acre to mow & dumping it every 3 stripes got old real quick. Mower runs without the catcher & I haven't had a problem doing it for the past year. If I want the yard to look particularly nice, I just throw it back on within a matter of seconds. It just takes longer to do the yard, but if you have a tiny yard, the catcher should be just right.

Waxahachie, TX


Sun Joe -RM 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher

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