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Snow Joe
Sun Joe Mow Joe 20-Inch Manual Reel Mower with Catcher

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Could be a little easier to use.


I had to get my husband to weigh in on this since he uses it more than me. His complaint is how it doesn't get all the grass thoroughly. Mine is how hard it can be to use when pushing and turning. Initially I didn't mind that it was a little harder to push because it was one of the reasons I got it. I figured this could double as a work out for me, plus get a little grass cut. We have to have a riding mower and a push mower because we have a lot of yard to mow. While one of us rides, the other uses a push mower and often times it's this Sun Joe. While well constructed and durable, it takes a little effort, which would be fine if it got all the grass. I find it useless when it leaves skinny long strips of grass. I want to catch the grass so I can add it to my compost for the nitrogen, but it takes quite a bit of pushing to get an acceptable amount. Even though you can adjust the height, we have go keep up with the lawn regularly or this won't "grab" the grass and cut. That's not always an issue for us as we are always on top of our grass. In the end, I think there has got to be better push mowers out there. I think I bought it as a novelty, but wish I would have done more researching before purchasing. I read reviews like crazy in almost everything I buy, so this taught me a lesson.



No batteries required


I own an electric lawn mower, but when I forget to charge the battery I turn to my Sun Joe Mow Manual Reel Mower. I find that this mower does a good job, but the blade isn't on par with my electric mower. This mower has a simple level adjuster for height and cuts to the length of my liking, but it takes several more passes to get an even trim. If I were to go over my lawn once or twice there would be noticeable tracks. Because of this it takes me about 20 minutes longer to cut my lawn. One thing I noticed immediately about this mower is that it takes a little more effort to get it moving, but once it's in motion it a very smooth cutting experience. My only issue with this mower is that it only collects a little over half the clippings in the basket. This isn't a big deal, but I have to spend an extra couple of minutes sweeping up debris. I would definitely recommend the Sun Joe Mow Manual Reel Mower as a backup mower because it does a decent job cutting and require power.

Westchester, IL


Sun Joe Mow Joe 20-Inch Manual Reel Mower with Catcher

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