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Snow Joe
Sun Joe Mow Joe 18-Inch Manual Reel Mower with Catcher

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Good for someone who wants to work!


We got this mower for my husband and son who wanted to get back to nature and see how lawn mowing used to be. They used it a few times and were very thankful that colder weather came and they've been reprieved until Spring time. Both said it cut very well, but does require some force to get it going--especially if your lawn has gotten too high. Once you get rolling, it cuts quite well. Requires a little more muscle power if you have a hilly lawn or if you have a lot of mole holes on your property. I would not recommend it for anyone with a lawn much larger that a suburban lot (less than 1/10 of an acre or smaller). Otherwise--you WILL be working a bit to do your lawn. Performance Once it gets rolling, it quite precise. Makes a cool cutting noise/sound that's quite relaxing. Nicer that the loud noise that gas powered mowers make that drown out sounds of Nature. Makes a nice, level cut. But make sure your lawn isn't too high already the first time you use it (or you may get discouraged) and make sure the lawn is perfectly dry for the prettiest and smoothest results. Handling You need some muscles to get it going. Durability Looks like it'll last 10-20 years or more. Easy to clean. Easy to maintain. Safety Hard to get hurt using it since it stops moving the minute you stop pushing. Engine Power Really not applicable.



Sun Joe Mow Joe 18-Inch Manual Reel Mower with Catcher

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