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Sun-In Super Streaks Highlighting Gel

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Love the look of the sun with Sun-In


I have been using Sun-In for years. It's the only thing I use in the summer months to get that sunkissed look! It's fabulous. It really does the job. I have a mousy light brown, dirty blond color. And it looks so blah after not getting out in the sun during the winter. So, first time spring starts coming, I order a bunch from Amazon. I use it all summer long, so I just get it in bulk. It works okay with the hair dryer, but it REALLY works with the natural sun! I don't want to use anything too harsh on my hair since it can get kind of brittle and frizzy. But, Sun-in leaves my hair nice and soft after using. Things to be careful about. When you wash your hair after using, make sure not to get in your eyes. If you get it on your hands from spraying it in, wash them too, or they'll start to feel pruny. And, watch out for your pillow case. I bleached out my moms once by accident. I'd washed my hair, but it was still damp, and managed to bleach her pillow case!

Cayce, SC


Good Product, Good Price, if you use it correctly.


Okay so i read a review and some girl said she used this product once a week for a month. Im assuming that since she says she didnt see any results she has darker hair. This product is intended for a daily use. Ya if you have finer hair you will see results quicker, but if you have darker hair like me, you have to be patient, use it every day for about a week before you start seeing some results. On darker hair your more likely to get reddish results, but for me if i just keep applying for another week or two after that i will start to get a better blonde color out of it. It is SUPER easy to use. I personally use the spray in, i spritz it in all over after i shower and then blow dry like usual. And blow drying is actaully supposed to help get the results in faster. It says sun in, but its actaully the heat that does the work. But just keep using it, be patient, and your hair will look like its naturally been lightened by the sun through out the summer. I even use it during the winter as my roots come in and i get the same results with my blow drier as i do with the sun.

Pendleton, OR


Sun-In Super Streaks highlighting gel doesn't work


Sun-In Super Streaks Highlighting Gel is a total waste of money. I purchased this product because I have my hair in a French twist at the back, and my brown hair, shows quicker than anywhere else. I figured by using a gel, on the odd areas, it would be easier that using a full boxed product. I read the instructions and all you have to do is wet your hair and then apply the gel with your fingers.  You can make as few or as many streaks as you wish. Wash your hands immediately and then either sit in the sun or dry your hair with a blow-dryer. It states: "Salon perfect results". Well I didn't see any difference.  It does say that the highlights will get lighter the more you do them.  I tried once a week for a month before I finally gave up. This product just didn't want to work with me or with my hair.  My hair stayed the same color, and I had to go through putting this dripping gel onto my hair, and getting in a mess. I can't remember how much I paid for it, but whatever it was, it cost way too much money.  If you see it in the stores, just keep walking.

New Port Richey, FL


Sun-In Super Streaks Highlighting Gel

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