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Sun Gold Cherry Tomato Seeds (Burpee)

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Great Taste And Hearty Producers


Every year I try to plant a couple of different types of tomatoes; the cherry tomatoes are small but delicious but you need to be careful when you plant them and the amount of sun they are going to get. When I order seeds from Burpee I always get two different styles of cherry tomatoes and the Sun Golden is always a strong producer. This is smaller than the Hulk Cherry Tomato but just as sweet; there are a lot of seeds inside them but they are easy to digest and do not interact with the flavor of the tomato. The only downside to the Sun Gold is that they are too juicy to use to make a tomato salad. When you cut them a lot of juice comes out of the tomato and even if you strain it, the tomato continues to weep. That waters down any type of dressing (or even oil and vinegar) that you are adding to the salad. Now, if you want something to add to a salad these are a great pick because all you have to do is slice them in half after washing. When you plant these you are going to want to stake them because they are climbers but the weight of the tomatoes will cause the higher parts to lean or sag. Last year I planted these in both gardens and ended up with so many of them that I begged my neighbors to come and take some as soon as they were ripe. Out of all of the cherry tomatoes that I have planted, these have the lowest drop rate (when tomatoes become ripe and fall off the vine). To keep them in mint condition instead of picking them off of the vine, cut off a section so the tomatoes are still attached to the vine.



Sun Gold Cherry Tomato Seeds (Burpee)

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