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Summer Infant
Summer Infant Rest Assured Sleeper

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Bulky sleeper.


This sleeper has lots of room in it (too much for our baby!), and takes up a lot of room on the bed too. It doesn't seem like it's made for a bed, the way the legs are so uncomfortable to have next to you. The added sound buttons did nothing for my daughter, so we didn't use them at all after a couple tries. I also would have liked if it had an angled head so she wasn't laying flat. The high sides are good as the baby gets old enough to try moving around but they were a pain for getting the baby out in the middle of the night. The sides let in a lot of air, so that is a plus point for a summer baby, and to prevent overheating.



Just ok Sleeper


I purchased this "by your side sleeper" for my little girl when I was pregnant. I knew I wanted to co sleep once she was born and I wanted to do it safely. After reading reviews online I decided to give this one a try since everyone raved about it. My daughter was 8 pounds at birth and she fit into the sleeper nicely with plenty of room. The mattress inside of the sleeper is firm but seems to be comfy enough for a newborn, and the cream color is perfect for either a little boy or a little girl. There were a few things about the sleeper that i was not too crazy about. First of all, the assembly isn't very easy. In fact, it is quite difficult. It is very hard to press the side buttons and slide the inner pieces at the same time to open the sleeper without pinching your fingers. Second, you can not buy extra sheets for this sleeper because the mattress size is unique to the sleeper and the company does not sell extra sheets separately. Third, and this is a big one, if you have a pillow top mattress, it is UNSAFE to sleep with your baby in the bed with you with this sleeper. If you lay next to the sleeper on your pillow top mattress, the sleeper is not sturdy enough and it partially sinks into the mattress, causing your baby to roll into the side of the sleeper. Your baby CAN suffocate this way even if the siding is mesh. If you choose this sleeper and have a pillow top mattress, please be very aware of this! If using this sleeper on the floor or on a firm mattress, it works great!



Sleeper is Fabulous!


Our daughter was born premature; spent 3 weeks in the NICU. We purchased this so she could sleep in a smaller size bed; similar to the beds in the NICU. LOVE this sleeper! Fit into bedroom cradle; was portable; easy to clean; vibration/sound unit on it - a life saver! Pocket in front useful to hold soothers. Highly recommend.

Saugus, MA


Summer Infant Rest Assured Sleeper

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