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Summer Infant
Summer Infant Nature's Purest Bassinet - Hug Me

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Hi i am having difficulty installing the clothe.neeed help


Need help for assembly



Great first baby's bed


Our baby slept in this bed for the first four months of her life (could have been longer except she was a big baby and grew out of it quickly).  It fit perfectly in our room and worked great for nighttime feedings.  It was made well, looked cute, and as far as we could tell, comfortable for the baby.  Also, the basket underneath is handy for blankets and burp cloths. She didn't seem to especially like the music or the vibrating options.  The entire attachment that came with the bassinet was pretty much unncessesary.  But it's easily removed, so that wasn't a problem. I just had two "cons": one is that it was a little difficult to assemble.  We had to redo it several times before we got it right.  Good thing we put it together several weeks before our baby arrived!  The second is minor - but the hanging toys are very cute but have no color contrast at all.  We ended up hanging another toy with black and white for her to watch during her awake times.    

Smyrna, GA


It's a decent bassinet...


When I first started looking for things to get for my baby I thought cradles and bassinets were pretty pointless and that I would just stick with the crib, but the further along I got in my pregnancy I decided I wanted her in the room with me for a while. Since I wanted to go all organic, I decided on the Summer Infant Nature's Purest Bassinet - Hug Me, because it had good reviews and it was very well priced.  It was a little difficult for me to put it together (I was also eight months pregnant and very hormonal though), but it was just as adorable as it looked in the picture! My daughter did like it for a little while, but she grew out of it pretty quickly, and the padding in it was a little too thin if you ask me. It would have also been nice to be able to have some sort of stopper for the rocking because every time she moved it just rocked all over the place and ultimately woke her up. I noticed that after I switched her to her crib, she started sleeping more soundly. Another problem was the noise maker/vibrator that came with it. The batteries died very quickly and it was actually really difficult to attach and detach it from the bassinet, so we really didn't use it very much, but it would have been nice if the batteries lasted longer. On the upside though, the fabric was very soft and as I already said, it's just adorable. It also has storage down at the bottom and that was definitely a bonus. Also, now that she's in her crib, I detached the top from the bottom and am using the top part to keep all of her stuffed animals in until I can get an actual toy chest :) 

Fort Walton Beach, FL


Best money we have ever spent!


We love our Summer Infant Nature's Purest Bassinet.  This was the best money we spent.  Our youngest daughter is a preemie.  She was born at 32 weeks.  She slept in this bassinet for the first 7 months of her life.  She loves it just as much as us.  The bedding is so soft.  It is made with premium, organically grown and naturally colored cotton.  It is very easy to clean.  My husband put it together by himself so it wasn't that difficult to put together.  I love the extra storage under the bassinet.  I kept all of my sheets and blankets under there along with diapers and wipes.  It was nice to have everything you needed right there within hands reach.  I also love that this bassinet rocks AND has wheels.  The wheels offer stability as well as easy moving.  I love that this bassinet is not super huge.  It stayed in our bedroom right beside our bed.  It hardly ever got in the way.  If it had to be moved it is very lightweight and easy to move.  The top come apart from the base which makes for an easy travel bed.  We love it!  I would recommend it to anyone!

La Grange, NC


Summer Infant Nature's Purest Bassinet - Hug Me

3.3 4