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Summer Infant
Summer Infant Little Pink Kisses Travel Swing

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my daughter thinks this swing totally rocks!!!!!


I think the summer infant little pink kisses travel swing is one of the greatest inventions ever it saved my arms. My daughter loves to be held and swung, she doesn't like the other swing we bought but really loves this one. This swing is a blessing it helped a mom get done things she couldn't get done before because she only had one hand to do it for example th e big pile orf laundry i know we all have. Buy the product and I know you'll LOVE IT.

Overland Park, KS


Summer Infant Pink Travel Swing is for small babies


My sister gave me a **Summer Infant Little Pink Kisses Travel Swing** as a gift after I had my third daughter. Pink is a pretty safe bet for decor around here. I had longingly eyed the small battery-powered baby swings after having my first two children, but I already had a bigger wind-up swing and I tend to stick to a pretty tight budget. When my sister asked if I WANTED or needed anything after I told her about my birth experience, I just had to ask! I got to watch the others put it together since I was still recuperating. The directions do have a pretty good picture, so if it doesn't look quite right, you can fix it before putting the baby in it. This baby swing is very soft and sits close to the floor, which is especially good when you have a 3-year-old who wants to try to get the baby out of the swing when your back is turned. Thank goodness for seatbelts! The reclined feature is also nice--I didn't have to prop the baby with pillows. The quiet battery-powered swinging motion is great. My babies tend to wake up if the wind-up kind stops swinging. They also tend to wake up when I or another kid winds it up. However, batteries do go dead when little fingers turn on the empty swing and forget about it. It has several settings for swinging speeds. Of course, the kids would love to put it into power swing mode if I went to the bathroom, so perhaps a lockout key would have been helpful. This travel swing also folds. I folded it several times and took it to the front porch or to another room in the house. It was fairly easy to transport. Of course with the baby OUT of it! You can play several different songs, which is nice and it has lights that flash. There are two toys that hang from the bar above the swing. If the baby pulls on the toy, it will start the music and lights. My youngest never got that trick down pat because her sisters wanted to do it for her. Music doesn't seem to put my kids to sleep nearly as well as the vacuum does. **My Viewpoint: ** I like the swing and all it's cool features. It's intended for very young babies. So, what about the baby's opinion? She liked swinging in it when she was tiny. However, within a few months, she tended to cry after being in the swing for 60 seconds. If someone didn't pick her up or entertain her in some other way, she would lean forward and place her forehead on the floor and cry until she was rescued. But that's not to say that your baby won't absolutely love this swing!

Piedmont, NC


Summer Infant Little Pink Kisses Travel Swing

4.0 2