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Summer Infant
Summer Infant Large Comfort Bather

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Makes life more easier


One of my favorite gifts for my baby shower. Once my son was born I was so scared of getting the cord wet and what not. I was able to fill the tub up to where his butt was just touching the water. Its a very sturdy, safe invention to use and makes bathing easier. They are at a good position that they don't have to worry about them slipping down especially into the water. This is a gift every new mom needs!



Perfect bath seat!


My sister in law buys these bath seats for ever baby shower she goes to, whether it's on the baby registry or not! There's a very good reason for that. These are really the best bath seats out there. They're comfortable for baby, soft and even cushion baby's head! The position baby's in makes them easy to wash. You can get to everything easily. The degree of elevation and the mesh make partially submerging baby possible. This way your little darling stays warmer and gets extra clean! The large base makes it seat stay in place, so that's a big plus. The seat is easy to clean too. Versatility This is great for tiny babies but as they get older and are able to sit up on their own, it becomes less useful. Safety Obviously, you have to stay with your baby while they're in the tub no matter what, but I absolutely believe that this seat, with it's elevated head is safer than those flat sponges or anything else on the marker right now.

Southfield, MI


Good Bather


We got this Comfort bather for our first born child. We decided to get something that would sit on the counter or in the tub around water (it floats, to some point) rather than a big bulky bath tub like thing. My first born child has loved this. He used it until he could properly sit up on his own in the bath tub. There is a downfall to this though, it takes a while to "dry" out....the foam pieces in the inside collect the water which causes it to take a while to drain, and its akward to place on the side of the tub without getting the whole floor soaked. We now purchased a bulky bath tub for our second child for 2 reasons...one it doesn't use as much water (you don't have to fill the whole tub full of water (unless you just use the summer infant large comfort bather on the counter without the child being immersed in water...but then I'd think the child would freeze) and whole it seems to help our other daughter sit up better. A good purchase, but not perfect.

Pocatello, ID


Great seat for the tub.


I got the large comfort bather seat because it can be machine washed and doesn't get smelly after a few uses.  It also folds for easy storage.  it is a lot easier than the big plastic tubs and the foam seats that need to be replaced very often.  I could also fit it in the big tub easily so that I could get in with my son and play.  This is an item that I buy regularly now for new moms.

Hartsdale, NY


AWESOME tub for an infant


With the first baby, I had a standard tub with the foam insert and HATED IT.  The baby would slide around, the foam would slide around - bathing was never a positive experience.  I received the Summer Infant Comfort Bather for my 2nd baby and absolutely love it!  No more sliding around or out of the tub and the warm water can get through and keep the baby warm (old water doesn't just sit in the tub).  Bathing is now a positive experience and the baby loves being in her bathtub.  Another few positives - it folds flat and the cover can be removed to be washed.

Columbus, GA


Summer Infant Large Comfort Bather

4.8 5