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Summer Infant
Summer Infant Decor Extra Tall Gate

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A baby must have


This baby gate is perfect for any parent that has stairs. This gate will not fall over, it is super sturdy, I'm convinced that it will never break either. I am planning on using it for all of our kids- because it doesn't seem to have any weak points. I love that my child hasn't been able to figure out how to open this, and that I don't really worry when she plays at the gate which is by the stairs, because this gate seems indestructible. I really don't like having a gate up because it is a little inconvenient when I am carrying groceries up the stairs, but is so practical and I really do have peace of mind knowing that there isn't any chance that my daughter could fall down the stairs because the gate is up and in place. The first gate I received came in the mail and the hinge was broken, but I really think that was a fluke because we haven't had any problems with the one we have now. And would gladly buy it again!

Provo, UT


Great Looking Gate


This is a great baby gate!  It looks amazing in my home and I am so glad that I paid a little extra and got something that makes my home look better.  This gate is definately child proof... but very easy to use.  It can be a bit noisey though, when it states that it swings shut, that it does, but it's a little loud, so if you had a free hand i would close it yourself.  I love the pressure mount that it uses rather than hardware that bolts into your walls.  I would definately recommend this gate to anyone.

Brea, CA


Finally, a sturdy, safe gate that you can trust


After trying several cheaper gates, we decided to spend a little extra for this gate.  It's perfect.  You can adjust the width easily be loosening or tightening the pressure mounted screws.  Once it's been set up it's very secure.  A baby pushing into it or kicking it will not cause the gate to fall over.  The gate is a great height so there isn't a chance of your baby being able to crawl over it. The gate is easy to open and close.  You just need to lift the door slightly and push forward.  The locking mechanism is baby-proof.  I would definitely recommend this gate if you need something durable and have crown molding which requires a different width at the bottom.  This gate will handle that without any issues.

Jacksonville, FL


Summer Infant Decor Extra Tall Gate

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