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Summer Infant
Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Baby Video Monitor Set

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One of the best products for piece of mind!


As a first time mom, I spent hours upon hours researching products for my new baby, comparing them all. I found this Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Video Monitor Set online, and kept my eye on it, nervous about adding it to my Baby Registry because of the price-it is a little pricey compared to other monitors. I am so glad that I decided to add it to my Baby Registry, because a few people went in on it, and I received it at my baby shower! I would have to say, after I began putting my daugher in her crib in her room at 1.5 months, I was nervous about not hearing or seeing her. Having this video monitor has been a sleep and peace saver! It is so nice to just press the video button at the top of the handheld to see her, and switch it off (keeping the sound on) once I have put my mind at ease by seeing her adorable face, peacefully sleeping. Having the handheld is convenient because I can take it with me, and it goes on my bedside table at night. Having the large screen monitor is also nice because it stays out in our living room in a convenient place that I can see it while I am in that room. All in all, so worth it!! Interference I have heard it can pick up other video feed?


Laconia, NH


Fabulous BUT DON'T need handheld


My husband and I LOVE the flat screen monitor.  It is perfect to be able to see what our little one is doing without him being disturbed or accidentally waking him up.  We bought this product with the handheld and thought that the handheld would be a great addition, however, don't get the handheld.  The flat screen is perfect and the handheld is not worth the extra money.  The reception on the handheld is not very good when you are around electronics and the picture is really too small to do any good.  This product is sold with just the flat screen and I would recommend that.  Some reviews talk about it also having poor reception, my thoughts on that is that it depends on how far you plan to be.  It does not reach the 750 ft that the traditional monitors do nowadays, but for a standard two floor home it works perfect.  Our son's room is upstairs and ours is downstairs and the monitor works just fine.


Athens, GA


Summer Infant Complete Coverage Color Baby Video Monitor Set

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