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Summer Infant
Summer Infant Carter's Love Bug Cuddle Me Musical Bouncer

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Comes in handy


I purchased a bouncer because even though we had two swings, my daughter hated both of them. Everyone kept telling me how wonderful the swings are and how they allow you to get so many things done. Well, my daughter hated the swings at first. She would cry and cry and soon as you put her in one. She had a lot of stomach problems and had to be on medication for reflux, so I started to wonder if maybe the swings irritated her stomach. The doctor advised us to prop up her mattress and said being in this upright position would help her stomach. That got me thinking and I decided to try the bouncer as it also keeps the baby in an upright position. And, even though it's called a Bouncer, it really isn't that terribly bouncy where it would bother her stomach. She did seem to do much better in the bouncer and the little things that hang above her kept her occupied. It also vibrated which I think she liked and also played music. Sometimes we would hum the one song when she would get upset and it seemed to calm her.

Mount Joy, PA


Summer Bouncer - Good for fussy babies!!


My mum purchased this bouncer for me (she was a bit excited about her first Grandaughter!) and at first I was a bit doubtful - we wanted to get a swing & in gender neutral colours...I like pink, but this bouncer is VERY girly! However it arrived and I put it together and it's actually not as horrifically pink as I thought!! The pink is a lot more toned down than I expected and now my daughter is seeing colours, she likes staring at the flower pattern on the edges. It comes with a removable pack which contains the vibrator, batteries & music - there are different settings - nature sounds, music (which I don't like) and heartbeat - so it sounds like bubba is still in the womb. It absolutely eats up batteries, so we have taken the vibrator off and she just sits quite happily in it and plays with her toys/looks around. I would recommend getting rechargeable batteries!! The vibrations and womb sounds, however helped her settle when she was being fussy & gave us somewhere to put her when she wouldn't settle in her bed & our arms were getting tired....  She still occasionally falls asleep in this bouncer when she won't settle in her crib - it's very handy! I automatically sit her in it when I need to do something and I know she's safe!

Oklahoma City, OK


Summer Infant Carter's Love Bug Cuddle Me Musical Bouncer

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