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Summer Infant
Summer Infant Baby Quiet Sounds Video Monitor

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The Summer Infant Video Monitor is a great item to purchase!


We used a regular baby monitor for over a year before finding this video monitor at a consignment sale. I so wish we had purchased one sooner. The only downside is that the receiver is not portable like some of the more expensive ones, but we just moved it from room to room if we needed to. The video function can be turned off, so that it is just an audio monitor. This is a great feature. I like to sleep in complete darkness, but love being able to have the video available until we go to sleep. We turn the video off before getting in bed, and can still hear our daughter without having to have a separate video and audio monitor. The picture clarity is not necessarily the best, but that was to be expected since it videoing a dark room. The easiest way to set up the camera is to plug both in the same room, adjust the camera as needed, and then move the receiver to wherever you want. The sound quality is very good, and can be turned up or down depending on how you need it. Definitely recommend...wish we had bought it sooner.


Wake Forest, NC


This monitor allows me to feel secure watching from another room


The Summer Day and Night Video Monitor allows me to keep an eye on two children at one time.  The ability to have two cameras with one video monitor is convenient.  With the flip of a switch I see one or the other.  It is also convenient to look in while an infant sleeps or a toddler rests, so as not to disturb the napping process.  The video is clear with distinct audio.  I have my children on different floors and still the monitor has good reception.  My only concern is distance causing static.  I highly recommend this monitor for those parents who want to be there watching there kids without disturbing the routine of napping.


Harpswell, ME


Excellent Investment


This baby monitor was probably one of the best gifts we received.  I can put the camera on my daughter and turn on the monitor which is in my bedroom.  If I wake up any in the night, I can just look at the monitor to see that she is OK, without walking all the way to her room.  Also, if she cries out in the night (which she often does), I can look at the monitor and see if something is really wrong, or if she is just crying in her sleep.  Also, sometimes, she will lay in her bed awake and talk, and i can watch the monitor and know when she is OK, and when I actually need to go in her room and check on her. This has saved me so many hours of sleep.  It is much easier to go back to sleep if you never actually get out of the bed.


Martin, TN


Great monitor for new moms!


I love this monitor. I can't imagine night time without. Thankfully you are able to watch your little one and make sure that those noises aren't something more than just loud breathing and stirring. It helped make the transition from bassinet to crib (our room to his own room) so much easier. So thankful for it. Tho it does make a loud humming constantly but still worth it.


Smyrna, GA


First time parent essential


Nothing helped us sleep better at night than being able to check in on our little one via the Summer video monitor. Being able to see him when we heard a cry was the best way to know if something was really wrong. After a year, the monitor still works great and we use it every night.


Chicago, IL


The Summer Video Monitor is the #1 baby gift I recommend


I am a HUGE fan of Summer video monitors. I have owned two of these, one for each of my children. The first one I had lasted a little over 4 years and my second one is still going strong after 4 years. I was of course a very nervous first time mom and could not stand that I couldn't see my baby at night when we moved him into his own room. I got a very nice watch for Christmas, but exchanged it to get a video monitor. I was not sorry for a minute! I had enormous relief being able to watch my child sleep at night. The picture quality is amazing as long as you have a small light in the room, which is fine since we had a night light for our child. The sound quality is great! The only time it was bad was when a neighbor's phone would interfer, but you just have to change the channel and you are fine. It picks up every single sound, so you only need to turn it up a little. It can make these enormous loud sounds, so we just keep white noise going in the baby room (which we would do anyways) and it won't do it. The two cons can definitely be fixed easily. I LOVE it so much and have recommended this to everyone. No one I know as regretted buying this monitor. Peace of mind is definitely worth the cost!


Seminole, FL


Wonderful for the worrisome parent!


I can admit it, I am definitely your typical mom that worries way too much about her baby. I was keeping myself up all night long checking on my newborn baby that was in a bassinet right next to my bed. My bed sits lower than the bassinet, so I was having to physically get up out of the bed in order to check on my son. I got the video monitor so that I could place the camera on the side of the crib and have it look down on my son. I clipped the handheld unit next to my bed so that I could check on him throughout the night without having to wake up and get out of bed. My only issue is that there is feedback since the units are so close together. I just turn the volume down and that alleviates the problem. I also wish there was a clip instead of a hole for a screw on the camera. It would be great to be able to just conviently clip the camera wherever our son is and watch him. He has a bassinet, crib, and pack n' play, so a camera with more mobility would be desirable.


Houston, TX


Very helpful monitor


I have the older model of this product. I received as a baby shower gift. I really like the larger screen. Also you can turn off the audio and just watch the screen. We have had a few issues with the static interference. Sometimes moving the antenna on the camera has helped. I overlook that because I am able to see my baby. We sat it on the back rail of the crib when our baby was a smll infant. You could see him breathing, it was amazing! Such a peace of mind. As he got older, we fixed it to the wall. I really like that I can see him even in the complete dark. His eyes light up due to the infrared lights on it. Also you can add additional cameras because it has A-B-C switch for up to 3 cameras. I highly recommend a video monitor, this one is not one to carry around the house. We just use it on our nightstand in our room, and it's only use at night. Such a security and peace of mind. So glad I go this monitor!


Eagle Pass, TX


Summer Infant Day and Night = Great for Worrying Parents


I have two of these monitors - one for my son, and one for my daughter.  I absolutely love being able to see that they are ok at night.  When we were sleep training, I was happy to be able to watch to make sure they were ok.  I get a little obsessive and constantly make sure that they are moving and switching positions.  I like that you can turn the video off but have the sound on, or turn both the video and sound off but still see the red light indicator light showing if the baby is crying.  This was very helpful because my husband had to work early in the morning and he was bothered by the light of the monitor or by all the normal night sounds that babies make.  I would just watch the red lights to make sure both kids were ok.  Very good quality for black and white.  I wish the camera had a zoom in feature so you could zoom in or move the camera to see the kids everywhere.  If the monitors are not placed just so, or there is interference, there is a lot of static.  I also would like to have a feature that would allow you to speak to your child from the video monitor.  Overall, for the price, this is the best video monitor out there!  My husband wants a flat screen but I love my huge sturdy monitors!  


Las Vegas, NV


Summer Video Monitor is a Great Baby Gift!


The Summer Infant Video Monitor was given to us as a baby gift. We were a bit skeptical of using it at first since we live in a small home and didn't think we would really need it. Boy, were we wrong! We have used the video monitor every day since our little girl was born. It has been so handy to be able to visually check in on her without actually having to get out of bed, particularly at 2:00 am when you are exhausted. It's so convenient to be able to see if our daughter actually needs us or if she is just dreaming. The video monitor allows you to turn the video feed on an off, so you aren't kept up at night by the light from the monitor. The only problem we have had with the monitor is that occassionally we have gotten feedback from other monitors in our neighborhood. Houses are located very close to one another and there are many young families nearby. With only two channels to select from, at times it can be difficult to get a clear channel. However, I find that to be a small drawback to an otherwise great product. I have only used this in a small, one-level home, but I'm sure it would be even more handy in a large home where you are separated from your child's bedroom.


Pullman, WA


Summer Infant Baby Quiet Sounds Video Monitor

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