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Sudafed PE Cold + Cough

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Helps to take the pain away during a cold.


The Sudafed PE Children's Cold & Cough is both my children's and my favorite cold medicine for them. While many other children's medicine taste completely awful, this medicine is actually one that I don't have to fight my children to take. It is easy for them to take, and it always helps to improve their condition quite a bit. I would highly recommend this to any parent who has a little one who complains about their current cough & cold medicine. Congestion Relief The Sudafed PE Children's Cold & Cough medicine provided a decent amount of relief for them so they were able to do their normal activities without too much restriction. Chest Congestion Relief My kids used to complain about how their chests felt heavy with other medicine, but with Sudafed PE Children's Cold & Cough, I never hear about their chest congestion anymore. Relief of Aches & Pains While my children still complain about pain during their illness, they do say it makes them feel a little less sore.




I use this over Dayquail


With NyQuail does it for me, DayQuail simply did not. I have had good experiences with Sudafed before and decided to give this try. I loved it, it cleared up my runny nose and helped me breath. It helped me so I could actually do my job and not suffer though my shift. It did not help me with my cough though, but to be fair only one cough medicine has ever helped me . Congestion Relief It helped my congestion, I could breath though my nose when I took this. I was not suffering when I was at work. People could not tell I had a cold after I took this. Chest Congestion Relief It helped me relieve some but not all. It takes away the weight you get on your chest when you get a cold. Relief of Aches & Pains I am a huge baby, to worst part of a cold for me is my chest hurting. It helps relieve this. It takes away the dull ache I get when i get a cold. It takes away the weight on your chest when you take this. Cough Suppression It did not help me suppress my cough, but to be fair only one medicine has ever done this.




Sudafed Cold and Cough: Average Medicine, Average Relief


Cold medicines- there are so many to choose from, it can become overwhelming. Most of them offer some level of relief and even the most average among them can be counted on to lessen at least some cold symptoms. One brand I have tried with a fair amount of success is **Non- Drowsy Sudafed Cold and Cough.** **Medicine Commentary:** Non- Drowsy Sudafed Cold and Cough utilizes several active ingredients: Acetaminophen 250 mg. (Pain reliever/fever reducer.), Dextromethorphan HBr 10mg. (Cough Suppressant), Guaifenesin 100 mg. (Expectorant), and Pseudophedrine HCI 30 mg. (Nasal Decongestant). The drug is intended to help control a large number of symptoms so that you don't have to take multiple medications. My overall experience with Non- Drowsy Sudafed Cold and Cough has been fair, but far from great. I find it works well at suppressing coughs and relieving congestion, but it doesn't do as much for other symptoms, such as pain or sore throat. I usually have to reach for the sore throat spray or sore throat lozenge when I take this Sudafed product. One the positive side, this Sudafed product is non- drowsy, which means it can be taken during the day without worry. It also sells for a fair price per caplet, but consumers need to bear in mind that two caplets are usually required per dose and they last only four hours. **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** My bottom- line on Non- Drowsy Sudafed Cold and Cough is that it is a very average product that offers some good relief but isn't as effective as other multi- symptom products. Add to that the fact that two tablets last only four hours and you have a drug that is only average overall. Congestion Relief Average congestion relief Chest Congestion Relief Breaks up some chest congestion Relief of Aches & Pains Relieves minor pain Cough Suppression Cough relief is mediocre.


Houston, TX


The only medicine my children like


My children don't fight taking their medicine, but they don't jump for joy when I tell them it's time to dose up....unless they have a head cold. Sudafed Cold & Cough actually makes them cheer. They love the taste of this stuff. I love that it works and works *well*. My family has been passing around a nasty cold this past week and the kids have been so stuffed up you could actually see the puffiness in their faces, around their eyes. Everyone had sinus headaches and noses so plugged up that they couldn't breathe through their nostrils. The Children's Sudafed kicks in very quickly; within 20 minutes they were all feeling better. I really appreciate that it can be given to kids as young as 4 years old, younger with pediatrician's consent. This is a medicine we always keep on hand in case a cold hits.






I think Sudafed is a good cold medicine to get rid of cold. Its quick and fast and you do not have to be in bed for weeks.  It works very quick and it does not make you tired.  One thing I like about a cold medicine is that you can take and not make you sleepy; that way you can get things done during the day.  I would recommend Sudafed as a quick cold relief medicine. i would rate this item as four stars.  When you need the rest you can get it.  The price is very affordable.  Lots of medicines make you tired and feel tired all day. This medicine does not.  It gets rid of your cold right away.  If you want to get rid of your cold in a couple of days instead of dragging for weeks and weeks try Sudafed.  Sudafed is affordable, and quick acting.  I love the fact that it is non drowsy.  For an affordable cold medicine try Sudafed for fast quick relief that is non drowsy. You will be feeling like yourself in no time. i i t


Burbank, CA


Sudafed Children's cold and cough not only helps get rid of cold


This cough medicine my son's doctor referred it to me for my son. He was getting ear infections everytime he would get a cough, that would take a while to get rid of with antibiotics. Every since he has been taking Sudafed  Children's cold and cough medicine he hasn't got a ear infection and that is real good thing  because those ear infections can be real painful. This medicine not only keeps him from getting ear infections , but also gets rid of the cold alot faster then the other kinds of cold medicines that he was taking, plus he has allergies and alot of cold medicines you can't take with antihistamines which that is the ingredient in some of the medicines my son takes for his allergies. My son's doctor said that this is the best over the counter cough medicine for colds for children when you can't afford or if your medical insurance doesn't cover perscription cought medicine. My son likes the flavor of this medicine too. Alot of medicines he doesn't like the flavor. He likes the grape flavor. If you think this review was helpful,give it a thumbs up.Thank you.  


Glencoe, OK


Doesn't work for very long


I don't get sick often, but when I do... On the way home early from work today I stopped off to get some "sick necessities".  Along with cough drops & tissues, I purchased **Non-Drowsy, Sudafed PE Multi-Symptom Cold & Cough **medicine.  These caplets are coated for easy swallowing & are supposed to treat fever, minor aches & pains, nasal & sinus congestion, chest congestion & cough. The regular dosage is to take two pills every four hours.  Again I don't get sick often and even when I do I don't usually take anything for it.  Since I don't usually take any medication (and I'm quite petite), I usually get away with the children's dosages.  With this one, I decided to take the regular adult dose.  After 2 - 2 1/2 hours, I can already feel the medicine wearing off.  I can't even really say it did much to relieve my symptoms either.  I've taken two doses now, and am due for another in about 1/2 an hour, but after this box is gone, I'll probably invest in something else!


Agawam, MA


Sudafed PE Cold + Cough

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