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Relieves congestion


I've been using Sudafed for years to relieve congestion due to both allergies and illness such as a cold or the flu. It works really well, and relatively quickly. There are downsides to using Sudafed. The first is that it's a little troublesome to purchase nowadays, as they generally keep it behind the pharmacy counter. So, unless the pharmacy is open when you want to buy some, you're out of luck. Secondly, the side effects can be uncomfortable. I am very sensitive to the main ingredient, pseudoephedrine, which can increase heartrate. However, I have found that taking just one tablet rather than the recommended two will give me relief from congestion and help eliminate the side effects. Thirdly, Sudafed is a brand-name product and available in a generic form that works just as well for a lower price. Ease of Use These pills are small and coated, so they are extremely easy to swallow.


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