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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Sub-Zero Side-by-Side Refrigerator 685/S

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Size Does Matter


Our builder installed what we thought were quality appliances in our new home. We have Wolf and Sub-Zero. The Wolf line is very good, but the Sub-Zero refrigerator is not what we thought. It looks great with a stainless steel exterior, modern handles and a clear/glass interior. Although it looks like a large unit, the freezer is very small due to the ice maker and shallow shelves. The refrigerator section has plenty of slots to adjust the shelves, but the shelves cannot adjust much because the upper shelves have different widths. The crispers are not temperature controlled and cause the produce to wilt. Other brands we have owned, like the built-in Kitchen Aid, have much more usable space. We would not buy this model again.

Phoenix, AZ


Disappointing quality


We remodeled our kitchen in 2005 and we installed a Sub-Zero 685 refrigerator/freezer.  Luckily, we purchased an extended warranty which has really paid off!  Repairs (thus far):  Main computer board replaced twice.  Heat exchanger,cooling fan assemblies replaced.  Ice/water valve replaced.  Exterior water "catch tray" replaced 3 times due to finish peeling off.  (The latest one is stored for the day we sell the house.  I can look at a plastic tray until then.) The unit seems to run all the time, and this after our children are grown and moved out!  The computer display panel did not display an error or alert code when the heat exchanger fan failed.  Also, it's quite noisy when it runs - a lot of rumbling.  If you don't use a lot of ice, the icemaker will clog and then dump a huge load of ice - very inconsistent.  The removable shelves and drawers are easier to pull out, but their design allows for liquid "glop" to get between the glass, vinyl gaskets and metal frames which means you have to pull it all apart to clean it properly.  Also, a meat drawer that would contain any drips should be included, not just a tiny, wire mesh drawer. Good features?  I like the fact that I can truly control the temperature in the freezer separately from the fridge - and vice versa.  We bought this particular model because I insisted on ice & water in the door, which is still a great feature. Frankly, our old Amana worked as well, and had fewer repairs than this sub-zero.  The Sub-Zero is just not worth its extraordinary price for so little performance.

Tualatin, OR


GE Beats Sub Zero Hands Down


We just built a house and my husband chose the 42" SubZero Side-by-Side refrigerator.  I hate it and wish I had my 13 year-old 38" GE side-by-side back!  Because of the ice-maker and water routing, there is very little room on the fridge door, so a good number of bottles and jars have to be on the regular shelves, where they get lost.  The feed from the ice maker to the dispenser frequently jams and there is no way to pull out the ice maker to grab some ice cubes without letting loose an avalanche of ice cubes on the floor.  The dispenser is tall, which is nice for large items like water bottles, but there is a lot of spillage when using regular-sized glasses.  

Bettendorf, IA


I am very amazed that a regrigerator can do all that.


We just completed our custom kitchen and purchased a Sub-Zero refrigerator.  We bought the panel doors and the cabinet maker put them on.  Absolutely beautiful.  Access to the compressor is amazingly easy.  Connecting to a water source and placing a filter inline was simple aslo.  Setting are easily read each time you open the refrigerator door.  The best part... I have a sub-zero freezer.  I didn't realize that it actually ment what it is.  We are now freezing the baby's food and it needs to be in a deep freeze, below zero!  I was thinking I need to buy a stand alone freezer until my Wife adjusted the settings on the freezer side.  Yep it's "sub-zero" to protect the baby's food from freezer burn and will last for 6 months.  Wow!  I'm a lucky man!

Clearwater, FL


Sub-Zero Side-by-Side Refrigerator 685/S

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