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Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators
Sub-Zero Pro Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

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The best


The sub zero refrigerator is the BEST there is hands down. They are worth the extra expense and last a long long time. The pull out freezer is to die for. You don't have to stack and shuffle constantly and has a huge capacity. No more having to store things on there side or at an angle to fit it in, i.e., pizza, cakes etc. You can flash freeze things easily, just laying things open on a cookie sheet until their frozen, so you can store without things sticking together, like blueberries. Its just that wide and spacious. The upper compartment is also so well set up that it seems that each thing has its own place.. It has such capacity and you can fit a full size sheet cake without worry. Noise Level Silent Interior Organization If you like to entertain, this is your ticket. Handles large bowls, sheet cakes you name it, it will fit. If you have the room for this refrigerator you'll be so glad you got it. Ease of Cleaning Excellent Durability Runs like a champ. Design Beautifully designed and the organization of the interior is amazing. There is nothing that will not fit.



We love our Sub Zero


Several years ago we remodeled our kitchen and chose this Sub Zero refrigerator. Previously we had just a bottom freezer and were constantly running out of space. We have really loved having this fridge. Noise Level Has never been an issue. Makes no noise that I have heard. Except when the ice drops Interior Organization We really like how this fridge is set up. My kids love to turn the light on. We use every nook and cranny and don't miss not having door shelves. Temperature Control Never any issues with temperature control. Ease of Cleaning The metal shelves come out very easily and wipe down nicely. My one word of warning is that I have cut myself a few times on the underside of the metal shelves in the freezer. They are sharper than they should be. Sub Zero should polish them down so they are smoother. Durability We have never had any issues. We had to have the water filter replaced once but that has been it. Design The fridge looks great and brings our kitchen to a new level.

Chicago, IL


An Absolutely Wise Investment


I was on the fence about spending 12,000. on a refrigerator.  However, after continuously browsing the Sub-Zero website (and gettting an unexpectedly nice tax return), I decided to go look at this beauty in a showroom.  And I fell in love!   As a "foodie" and pastry chef, this 'fridge has exceptional shelf room as well as massive drawer space.   The depth of the shelves makes full-size platter storage a snap.   As someone who loves to entertain - this refrigerator holds everything - and then some.  This was without a doubt, an exceptionally wise investment. 

Nutley, NJ


Sub-Zero Pro Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

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