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Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators
Sub-Zero Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

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This Sub-Zero Refrigerator is A Life Changer


I was lucky enough to snag the Sub-Zero 611G Glass Door refrigerator brand new from a warehouse sale about 3 years ago and I can honestly say that it has changed my life! I am a renter and had this tiny, nasty refrigerator that had a cracked gasket, and it was always leaking and spoiling my food. I was told that the Sub-Zero refrigerator used the same amount of electricity as a 45 watt light bulb when I brought it home. I was skeptical, but I promise you that there was a marked difference in my electric bills since I made the purchase! Also fresh foods literally last three times longer in this refrigerator. The glass doors force me to keep things neat and tidy in there too, which I think is a plus because things are easier to find and the chances of rogue vegetables getting lost in the back are now obsolete. And speaking of mould, Nothing has ever gotten mouldy in this refrigerator. The seal is so tight that nothing gets in that shouldn't get in! This machine is worth the investment!

Flushing, NY


Sub-Zero Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

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