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Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Sub-Zero 661/F (21.3 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator

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This is a very good refrigerator, the kind you see in high end homes. It is quiet and roomy. Very good looking too. You can't go wrong, buy subzero. If not this model then another one. This is the second one that I have owned. The other being in my vacation home.

Las Vegas, NV


reliable but costly


If you can afford to purchase one, they are well worth the money - the initial outlay is upwards of 15-20,000 but they have a lifetime of anywhere from 20-25 years. Repairs are costly and not everyone can service them. Truly a top of the line appliance where you get what you pay for Noise Level noise is minimal even when both compressors are running Interior Organization easy to adjust shelving heights Ease of Cleaning because of size, easy to get into areas and remove shelves or adjust them for needs Durability has a reputation for reliability Design boring but functional



I thoroughly trust this make as there have been no service calls


It is a solid and dependable machine. Interior Organization It is simple and straightforward. Ease of Cleaning Side shelves pop out to be cleaned and the interior shelves are stainless steel slats that does leave liquids to harden on them. The coils are on the top so it doesn't collect dust and dirt as readily as in other models when they are on the bottom. So this reduces the wear and tear on the motor and thereby increases the longevity of the product. Durability The shelves are are solid stainless steel. So there is nothing to crack or break when you put in heavy items like a turkey.

Charlottesville, VA


Sub-Zero 661/F (21.3 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator

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