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Suave Sweet Pea & Violet Body Lotion

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A little overpowering


Though I generally really like Suave products, and though I found that this lotion was very effective, the scent was really overpowering to the point of being unpleasant. It did a nice job of keeping dry skin at bay and delivering on its promises of soft, moisturized skin, but I simply could not get past the strong perfumes used and had to stop applying the lotion. Scent I found that this lotion's scent was far too strong and sweet to continue using it. Anyone who is sensitive to perfumes will probably not want to bother with this lotion. If the scent were not so strong, I would probably be interested in continuing to use it, as the idea is quite nice. Absorption This lotion rubs in nicely and does not linger or leave a greasy feeling on the skin. Effectiveness I found that this lotion does a great job of keeping my skin soft and smooth, while providing a lot of moisturizing power. If it were not for the scent, I would be a repeat customer.



Great scented lotion at an affordable price.


I love those expensive scented lotions you buy at specialty stores, but I simply don't have the money to spend on them. Now that I've discovered how great Suave Sweet Pea & Violet lotion smells, I can get the same great smelling product at a fraction of the cost. I received a free sample of Suave Naturals Sweet Pea & Violet Body Lotion through Walmart. I was surprised that it was an actual travel-size bottle, with snap lid. I don't use a lot of scented lotion at a time, so this little bottle will last me awhile. Scent Right away, I was impressed with the smell. It really smells just like something you'd buy at Bath & Body Works. The scent smelled great right out of the bottle and lasted for many hours after I used it. If you like to layer your scents, you can purchase shower gel in the same great Sweet Pea & Violet scent. Absorption The lotion absorbs quickly into skin. Plus, the texture is silky smooth and leaves skin feeling moisturized, soft, and healthy Effectiveness I've tried Suave lotions before and was never that impressed. This lotion is different. It smells just as nice as some of the more expensive scented lotions, but is a more affordable option for people like me that live on a budget. I highly recommend it to women that enjoy feeling a bit pampered.

Jacksonville, NC


Suave Sweet Pea & Violet Body Lotion hydrates well.


Suave sent me a great sample of their Naturals Sweet Pea & Violet Body Lotion. Normally you get a tiny sachet, and there isn't enough to moisturize your body. Well, I received a 2 fluid ounce tube from Suave. It is a perfect size for standing in the bathroom, taking on vacation, or even putting in a waist bag, if you are out for the day. I love the pink color tube, with a silver flip top, that it can stand on. Upon opening the tube, I have to say that the fragrance for me, is a little too much. I prefer a delicate scent. However, the lotion is great. It is white, and not runny, like some. It rubs in quickly and completely. It makes my hands, and body feel soft, smooth, and hydrated. It states on the tube that it is 'For soft skin. Long lasting fragrance'. I would give it 5 stars if the fragrance could be turned down a bit. Suave is an inexpensive brand, and I will certainly check out, and see if they have it in a scent that doesn't get up my nose. I will finish mine off on my feet, as it is the farthest away, and I won't choke on the smell. It does have 'The Suave Promise', which would replace or refund my money if I wasn't satisfied. However, I got it for free, so am delighted I didn't pay for it. Scent Really overpowering smell. I can only use it on my feet as I wear socks on them. Absorption Goes in easily. Effectiveness Really hydrates the skin, leaving it feeling soft.

New Port Richey, FL


doesn't work.


I received a sample of this lotion in the mail. It is thin and gets absorbed very quickly, but it does NOT moisturize. Even after re-applying every few minutes, it didn't get rid of that dry, tight feeling of the skin. The lotion actually feels watered-down, and didn't work for me.

Jacksonville, FL


Suave sweet pea and violet Body Lotion smells wonderful


I really like the smell and the softness of this particular lotion with a great fragrance. This soft lotion glides on quickly and absorbs fastly with a great smelling scent of sweet pea and violet a nice combination scent. You can purchase this body lotion at most stores like wal-mart and you can enjoy the price. Love the fact this is made by suave because you can trust it and it works great. This lotion can be used daily for improved skin softness and a delicate smell left behind comparable to other brands it has lasting scent. The suave body care line has bodywashes and body lotions both for a reasonable price and easy to find to purchase. I happen to like this scent the best and i have noticed the lotion really absorbs fast and is non greasy. This body lotion is part of the suave naturals line and has a great guarantee too at www.suave.com as well. This is a product made by unilever as well. Has lots of moisture.

Hot Springs, VA


Smell of lotion is overpowering!!


I received this Suave Naturals Sweet Pea & Violet lotion as a sample in the mail.  I love Suave products and I was sure I would love this one as well.  Unfortunately for me, the smell is just overpowering.  I am highly sensitive to smells so this particular product will not work for me.  Suave makes great lotions at a great price.  People that don't have my particular sensitivity may enjoy this product and also enjoy the savings that Suave tries to pass along to consumers.  Suave has great coupons, usually passed on to the consumer through Sunday inserts.  Although I will continue to purchase the majority of Suave products, such as their hairsprays and deodorants, I won't be purchasing this particular product.  Because Suave makes lotions that I know to be good as well as economical and because I realize not everyone has the sensitivity that I do, I will recommend this product as being a good one to try if you don't have a smell issue. 

SmallTown, TX


Suave Sweet Pea & Violet Body Lotion

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