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Suave Professionals Volumizing Maximum Hold Finishing Spray

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Suave Maximum Hold Finishing Spray


Well, first of all, this is Suave. I'm not complaining, for inexpensive hair-styling hair products, Suave does pretty well, and the products do generally meet, or rise above my expectations. But not in this case. I have thick, just-past shoulder length hair, and when I style it, I need to be sure that every single hair will stay in place as long as needed. But despite using tons and tons of this hairspray, my style just will not hold! I'm not basing this on one experience....this has happened over and over to me! I've also tried it on different styles, with the same result. I don't mind the aluminum can, and I like the price, and the pleasant smell is a plus, but unless you have very short or fine hair, I would not even bother trying this! Even though it's more expensive, I prefer to go further up the line for better quality products that actually work! If you're like me, one try of this hair spray and you will completely agree. Don't take my word for it, try it first...after all, it's cheap.

Covington, GA


Great Product!


I have been using Suave Professionals Volumizing Maximum Hold Finishing Hair Spray for over twenty years now.  I have thinner hair and it does not hold after curling, styling, etc.  I need a good hair spray, that will hold my hair in place for whatever and where ever I go.  Fortunately, I found this hairspray and I am extremely satisfied with it.  The only disappointment I have with this hair spray, is that they changed the fragrance that was used when I first began to purchase it.  Before, with the old fragrance, everytime I went to get my hair cut, the beautician would comment of how good my hair smelled when they shampooed my hair.  The other drawbacks of this hair spray is your hair does feel "crunchy" after it dries.  I have a blind brother who always tells me that my hair feels like "spaghetti"!!!  :(  Also, be careful of where you apply this hair spray.  You can get a build up on your walls and doors if not careful.  Believe me, I've had to scrub it off.  And, the last area of concern someone might have is, that if you use this product too much, you can get a build up of the hair spray in your hair.  A simple shampoo wash, with baking soda mixed into the shampoo will quickly remedy the build up.

Sterling Heights, MI


Such a great value


I have been using Suave for about 20 years.  My mom started me on this brand when I was very young.  This consistently is a brand that is reasonable and performs over and as well as other beauty products.   I use the hairspray on a daily basis for minimal hold on my very heavy, long, thick hair.  It holds my hair in place without looking fake, slimy, greasy or gross.  The smell is non-existant after application. What a great value this product is and it you get a lot for your money.  I have tried other brands and find that I always end up back with this brand. It is easy to apply in a non fuss manner and the spray nozzle doesn't get clogged like some other nozzles do. This is a rare example of value and a product that works like it is supposed to.  I feel good about putting it on and an also will use it on my little girls hair with feeling like it looks too made up. I will continue to use this brand of hairspray for a while and it looks like my girls will to.

Macomb, MI


Suave Professionals HairSpray is a big DUD in my book.


I picked this stuff up at the store about 2 weeks ago. I wanted something that came in a pretty bottle not the same old Rave big aluminum can that I know works VERY well but I just wanted to try something else and I picked the wrong thing. I got Suave Professionals Volumizing Maximum Finishing Spray. It has a nice purple aluminum can haha!! It says proven salon formula on the front and I like Suave's soaps, deodorant and there shampoo/conditioner smells nice so I figured it would do the job. Nope. I have long thick hair and I usually just put my hair up in a pony tail and spray the top and brush back the fly-aways and spray it again and its done, no out of place hairs all day with Rave. Now with Suave it hold for about a minute and then its loose again, all over the place, fly aways just flying in the wind. I really do not like this Hair Spray, it does absolutely nothing for my hair! It says on the bottle that it holds as well as Matrix Brand...well Matrix if I was you I'd be P-O'd at Suave for downgrading you like that. The only pro I have for this is it has a pleasant smell. I've used this on my hair a few times when Its down and still nothing....flat! Booooooo to Suave! I have read ppl love the spritz hair spray from suave so I may give that a go next time.

Somerset, OH


Suave Professionals Volumizing Maximum Hold Finishing Spray

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