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Suave Naturals Wild Cherry Blossom Body Lotion

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A low-priced but fairly effective skin lotion. Nice scent.


Considering the low price of the Suave lotion, which I also got on a 'buy one get one free' deal, I was overall pretty pleased with the purchase. There is a very slight sticky residue feeling after using it, which is often the case with less expensive lotions (and frankly, some pricey ones also), but it does not last long and it appears to absorb nicely given a bit of time. The smell is strong, and people who like their lotions a bit more subtle might find this off-putting. But unless I'm wearing after-shower body spray, I like a pleasant but strong scent in my lotion. I'm not convinced there is anything "natural" about the product, so I find the name a bit misleading and would not recommend it for people who like all natural ingredients in their beauty products. It appears there are some natural flower extracts used, thus giving it the "naturals" moniker. I would buy this product again, particularly if it was on sale and cheaper than other similar products, but I do not feel it was good enough to feel any particular brand loyalty to it.



Sauve wild cherry blossom lotion is equal to bath and body works


Do you use bath and body works? How about bodycology?  If so, then get more for your money and switch to Suave naturals body lotion.  It really does not matter which naturals scent you choose, you will love them all.  My favorite is the wild cherry blossom, but I love them all.  I first fell in love with the bodycology japanese wild cherry blossom, but as soon as I found out suave was coming out with their own, I could not wait to try it and i was not disappointed at all.  The scent was just as wonderful and a little less pronounced which i liked because I do not like to stand out in a crowd.  You get so much more for your money and a real trusted name like Suave you can not go wrong.  Sauve has always made lotion that soaks in quickly, makes and keeps your skin super soft but now you can enjoy the scents that you have used with other brands.  They also have the matching scent body wash, which is very helpful so that you do not mix your scents.  I hight recommend this product.

Clarence, MO


Suave Naturals Wild Cherry Blossom Body Lotion

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