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Suave Naturals Refreshing Waterfall Mist Conditioner

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Average conditioner, nothing special...


     This I like to use because it's average, doesn't dry out my hair, inexpensive and smells so good. I love this conditioner and use it with the shampoo of this. Its the same scent as the conditioner. i usually like to have the same kind of shampoo and conditioner and I love this shampoo so I use it with this conditioner. When I used this my hair stayed the same. it didn't get dryer and it didn't get more moisturized. So as I basically told you this does not make my hair moisturized. It just helps with the tangles. This smells so great too, it kind of reminds me of dancing waters by bath and body works. My sister even commented on my hair. She told me it smelled great and it looked glossier. I really didn't see a difference in the shinyness but I never see a difference in my hair and other people do. Although I did notice that it was strong enough to smell when it was dry and when I was at school. When i put this in my crown of my hair it does make it a little bit greasy.

Schenectady, NY


suave a great product


i love to use suave conditioners and shampoo's for my children.  They are a good price and keep my girls long hair clean and smelling great.  as an added bonus they also have something in them that keeps head lice at bay.  I run a homeday care and my girls are in school and every parent that has a child with headlice I tell about suave and if they switch them to this there is no more problems with it.  It has been 8 years scence my girls have gotten head lice and I know for a fact they have been in close contact with other children that have it.  We just love suave.

Anchor Point, AK


Suave Naturals Refreshing Waterfall Mist- Not the a good choice


     I bought this conditioner to match the shampoo, but I do not like either one of them.  Normally after conditioner use my hair is soft, and managable, not with this conditioner- i am a friz head and my hair is VERY DRY- yes it is cheap but this is one time I will say I will not let the price sucker me into purchasing this conditioner again.

Quitman, TX


Suave Products Are Great !.


Of all the conditioners i have tried , Suave Naturals are the best . Very inexspensive compared to others  but does a great job . Leave my hair soft & managable . A comditioner thats fits my budget and really works .

Midland, MI


Suave Naturals conditioner leaves my hair so soft!


I have tried different brands of conditioners and differnt types in the Suave family. Suave Naturals is the one i like best. It leaves my hair soft and manageable, even though it has gotten a lot dryer as I have aged. The Refreshing Waterfall Mist scent is amazing a reminds me of when I lived in the pan handle of Florida. The bottles are a good size for handling in the shower and the top is very easy to open with wet hands. Price is a very big issue for me and I have been relying on the Suave brand for many years. I tried other brands when my hair got extremely dry but came back to Suave and am still very satisfied with the results. There's no need to pay  a hight price for something that I can get at a lower one. "A penny saved is a penny earned." {Ben Franklin} This product allows me to keep my budget budgeted and still gives me quality results. The frizziness is gone and my hair looks great.

Seneca, SC


Suave Naturals Refreshing Waterfall Mist Does the Job


Suave Naturals Refreshing Waterfall Mist Conditioner does a great job for the price.  I use this conditioner on myself and my 7 year old daughter.  It has a nice clean scent.  It doesn't weight the hair down.  All in all a good product for the price. 

Pikeville, TN


Suave Naturals Refreshing Waterfall Mist Conditioner

3.8 6