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Suave Naturals Orchid Petal Shampoo

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Orchid Petal is smooth and leaves a lovely shine


I can depend on Suave shampoo no matter what scent I buy. Each kind has the unique ability to make me feel clean and fresh each time I use it. This kind Orchid petal I stumbled upon and thought why not give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised and quite happy with Suaves consistant results and the scent left me feeling extremely clean. Effectiveness Whether I use this in my home which has hard water or at my friends house whom has soft water I get the same effective clean feeling at both. I can use every day for a consistantly clean feeling and know that my hair looks clean and shiny. I will continue to look forward to the new scents Suave comes out with each year as they are breathtaking in their newness. Scent With all the years of being a Suave consumer I have loved the remarkable variety that comes out year after year for thier product line. The scents I have come across and bought are many and I have thought that some of them were not going to be anything to speak of. Well, I was wrong and with this new scent Orchid Petal I have to say it is so pleasant to smell and a real pleasure to wash with.



Suave Orchid Petal Shampoo creates a soothing hair experience.


I routinely purchase Suave hair products because they are very economical and I like the variety of fragrances and cleaing types.  I recently purchased Suave's Orchid Petal shampoo in the 22.5 ounce Family Size bottle for the first time.  I am very happy with this product.  It has a very soothing or calming fragrance.  It is pleasantly floral without being perfumy.  This shampoo lathers well and leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean.  If you combine its use with the coordinating Orchid Petal Shampoo your hair will retain a soft floral odor that your partner may find enticing.  I like the Orchid Petal fragrance quite well and will continue to purchase it and would recommend it to anyone looking for pleasant hair cleaning experinece.

Chatham, IL


Suave Naturals Orchid Petal Shampoo

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