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Suave Naturals Moisturizing Body Wash Cocoa Butter

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I'll make sure to not use this again.


I always get moisturizing body washes because my skin gets dry and ashy a lot. I knew this would probably not work that great because sometimes the price says it. I got it though because I only had a couple bucks on me and I needed body wash. Anyway, it really sucks badly. I need to squeeze out a lot onto my loofa in order for it it somewhat lather up but it just washes right out. After I got out of the shower, I was so itchy all over my body because it just made my skin dry instead of moisturized. Effectiveness It's pretty awful. It is not moisturizing like it says it is. In fact it dries out my skin and makes me feel all itchy afterwards. I have to immediately apply lotion all over my body right after I dry off otherwise I'll be annoyed with the itchiness. Scent The scent is pretty pleasant but that's not the most important thing. I would rather it be non-scented and work right at moisturizing my body.



All In My Head


I'm not a bar soap person and like liquid, either a body wash or a body gel, and I have my favorites, but a lot of times it's more aesthetic than anything else. I like the scents as well as the benefits I get. Although, I don't think I ever notice the benefits nearly as much as I want to. I use the Suave brand a lot, for price more than anything else. My most recent one, Suave Naturals Moisturizing Body Wash in Cocoa Butter, sounded great. This body wash promises to gently cleanse and help restore the natural moisture, keeping skin soft without leaving a heavy residue behind. The product backs up those claims. It is definitely cleaning gently and it leaves my skin nice, moist, soft. It's great. Yet, I have one problem with it. I have to close my eyes when I use it. The problem is all in my head, and it's all aesthetics. This body wash seems so thick to me. It feels like I'm putting heavy cream on my myself and washing with it. It's not really that much thicker than other body washes and certainly other body washes in the Suave Naturals family. It's just in the aesthetics. It looks heavy because of the light caramel color.  So how does it smell? Like cocoa butter, shockingly enough. It's not a luscious smell, but it's a clean, healthy smell, although it is bordering on being too perfume-y, not enough to be bothersome, just enough to notice it. If you're overly sensitive to that, it might be something you want to avoid. As for me, I don't think I'll be buying it again, but it has nothing to do with how well the product works. It's just in those silly aesthetics. If you can look past that, it's a good product.

South Elgin, IL


Suave Naturals cleans and moisturizes


I just began using the Suave Naturals brand a few months ago when I began my couponing lifestyle.  Suave typically has coupons in the local Sunday paper and can be found on sale at most local retailers like Rite Aid and CVS.  I typically love tropical scents like cocoa butter, banana and coconut.  Suave Naturals Cocoa Butter offers a subtle scent out of the bottle, but it doesn't translate to much to the skin.  That is fine for those that don't like the overly scented products and just want a light fragrance when applying.  The body wash comes in a nice medium size bottle so as not to be too bulky in the shower.  The flip top is easy to open and close and the body wash comes out easily and doesn't pour out fast--easy to control quantity applied.  The only thing I don't like is that it seems a little thick--more like a shampoo or conditioner than a body wash.  Despite the thickness, it does not clump or thicken on the skin.  It washes off without any addtional soapy residue. I think for the price (with coupons) you really can't beat giving this a try.  I will continue to use it!

Commerce Township, MI


Suave Naturals Moisturizing Body Wash Cocoa Butter

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