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Suave Men Dual Charged 2 in 1 Shampoo and Body Wash

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Sauve Men Dual Shampoo & Body Wash


My significant other has tried many products similar to this, but loves the Sauve the best. He says that it is gentle on his skin. He loves just having to grab for one bottle in the morning. It has a refreshing scent that lasts all day. He likes the lather and the way it feels as he is uses it from head to toe. The scent isn't strong and pleasing to the smell of the nose. Even our dogs like the smell. They enjoy sniffing his head. It is too cute.  He says it's easy to clean up if it accidentally spills in the tub. He just allowed it to make a nice bubble bath as well. We have used other Sauve products in the past and have been very pleased. The prices are great too. The only drawback, is that there aren't alot of scents to choose from like the products for woman.  If the man in your life wants to try something new, we suggest you pick up a bottle of Sauve 2 in 1. He's going to love it and so will you.

Louisville, KY


So love Suave


I like Suave products.  They are wonderful products for a pretty low price.  I got this for my husband because he didn't want anything to girly smelling.  Went to the store and came home with Suave 2 in 1.  It smells great for his hair and body.  Even after he gets home from working all day he still smells great.  My husband says he feels clean all throughout the day too. The shampoo part cleans your hair nicely as well. I had to use it one day and it did fine with my hair. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because while he was using it he got a rash on the sides of his stomach.  We didn't know if it is the bodywash or deodorant causing the rash.  If it is not the Suave 2 in 1, we will definately be buying it agan.

Decatur, AL


I love Suave shampoo because it makes my hair more manageale.


I love using the Sauve shampoo and conditoner beause it makes my hair more manageable. I have naturally curly hair so alot of other shampoos tend to leave my hair notting and frizzy. Plus I have to use them more than once but not with Sauve. My whole family uses these products too. It aslo makes our hair softer. I would recommend this product to anyone. And the price is wonderful too to top it all off. what a wonderful job that Sauve does for us.

Palmyra, PA


Suave Men Dual Charged 2 in 1 Shampoo and Body Wash

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