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Suave Kids 2 In 1 Shampoo Hair Smoothers Strawberry Swirl

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not the best, but for the target age range a good value


Suave Smoothers isn't the highest quality shampoo or conditioner, but it works just fine. This product is good for young children learning to bathe on their own and wash their own hair. It's not all that great for the skin, and the scent of the "Strawberry Swirl" Smoothers is really, really strong. When they say strawberry they mean strawberry. Again, this biggest appeal of this product is the low price. When kids start the bathe on their own, they end up wasting a lot of soap/shampoo. It's not rare for them to experimentally empty a new bottle into the tub at once. For that reason, at least in our home, more expensive brands are off limits for younger kids who have outgrown the "baby bath" stage, but aren't quite to the be picky about bath products stage. Performance This product works just fine as a shampoo and conditioner (for really young kids or for short hair), and quite frankly as a body wash as well. Honestly for dry or coarse hair you're still going to need another conditioner. Scent The scent of the Strawberry Swirl Smoothers, as I mentioned before, is very very strong. It's way more strong than the other Smoothers varieties we've tried. I kind of like that sometimes though. It keeps kids hair smelling clean longer.



Mmmmmm I can smell clean kids!


Sauve's kids shampoo and conditioner products are pretty good for what they cost. I like that they come in one bottle. So it makes bath time less of a fuss. The strawberry swirl has a nice clean smell. The product is tear free like all sauve's childrens products for that odd drop of shampoo that gets in your little ones eyes. I prefer the shampoo/conditioner products to the all in one products. I think the all in one, meaning that you wash hair and the body with one bottle, dries out my kids hair. We have moved on to the suave natural products for the kids. They have no dyes and are hypoallergenic. It may not be a problem for your family but my youngest has sensitive skin and the naturals doesn't make her itch.

Boynton Beach, FL


Suave Kids 2 In 1 Shampoo Hair Smoothers Strawberry Swirl

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