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Suave Herbal Care Aloe Vera Shampoo

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The best shampoo for the money.


I've been using Suave shampoo for years and wouldn't switch. Since I like a heavy conditioner, I need a shampoo that gets my hair really clean without drying it out. Like a kid's shampoo, it's very gentle. The scent is very refreshing in the shower. Even my husband is hooked on it, and won't use anything else. Plus it's a really good deal, which is why I originally started using it in college.

Silver Spring, MD


I love the smell!


So, I enjoy the fragerence of this shampoo. It's easy and convient and it's non expensive. If anyone on a budget i'd advise to use this product follow up with conditioner. if you have thick hair it could make your hairy frizzy, but you can always add conditioner to your hair to make it smooth out. I however been suave loyal and always have done wonders to my hair. It's just a normal american shampoo on everyone's budget that come in variety of smells. If this is not a product for you oh well. I like it!



Suave Herbal Care Aloe Vera Shampoo

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